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Why have no advanced civilizations visited Earth?

In their eyes, humans are just ants

By ApostolakisPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

The Earth was born about 4.55 billion years ago, and over a long period, life on Earth has gone through a process from nothing to something, from simple to complex, and eventually evolved into humans with higher intelligence.

From the known laws of nature, if a species wants to better survive and continue, the best way is to let their populations continue to spread outward, to effectively reduce the risk of extinction, because the Earth's carrying capacity and habitable time are limited, so humans must spread to other planets to plan.

Modern humans have already started to make preliminary attempts to leave the Earth, and we are optimistic that with the continuous improvement of technology, humans will sooner or later get out of the Earth and spread deeper into the universe step by step, and then become an advanced civilization that spans the galaxy. The first of these is the first of its kind.

Don't forget that the Milky Way is a huge galaxy with hundreds of billions of stars, and known observations show that even a conservative estimate of the number of rocky planets in the galaxy like Earth that are located in the habitable zone of stars is more than 300 million, and among them, many are hundreds of millions or even billions of years older than Earth.

So reasonable speculation is that life should be widespread in the galaxy, and some of them are even older than life on Earth, and this means that there should be quite a few intelligent civilizations in the galaxy that are older than us humans, and their technology level can be hundreds of millions or even billions of years ahead of humans.

If this is true, then these ancient intelligent civilizations should have developed into advanced civilizations across the galaxy by now, even if we humans can't find them, they should come to visit Earth, however, as far as we know, such a situation did not happen.

Why have no advanced civilizations visited Earth? This question does not have a definite answer, people can only put forward some speculation, one of the hypotheses is that advanced civilizations may not be interested in the Earth and its human beings, perhaps in their eyes, humans are just ants like existence.

The view is that for humans the Earth is undoubtedly the most special and precious planet in the universe because the natural conditions on the Earth are close to perfect to meet the needs of human survival, and the Earth is also the only home for humans in the universe.

However, for advanced civilizations, the natural conditions on Earth are not the slightest bit attracted to them, after all, "to break away from the limits of the planets and survive in space for a long time" is a necessary skill for advanced civilizations, so in their eyes, Earth is just an ordinary "big rock In their eyes, the Earth is just an ordinary "boulder", and this "boulder" in the universe is everywhere, there is no value to explore.

Some people may ask, there are all kinds of life on Earth, and there is also a higher intelligence of human beings, how there is no value to explore it?

The fact that intelligent life is rare in the universe is probably just wishful thinking, as mentioned earlier, just in the galaxy, there are hundreds of millions of planets with natural conditions to nurture life, so reasonable speculation is that life has evolved on many planets, and even several planets have evolved intelligent life.

The idea is that perhaps the path of "intelligent life to advanced civilization" is full of difficulties and obstacles, and there may be some extremely difficult to break through the bottleneck, so that a large number of intelligent life in the galaxy before the development of advanced civilization, because of the deterioration of natural conditions on the home planet and extinct.

In this case, only a very few intelligent beings in the galaxy can eventually stand out, and even the entire galaxy is only a handful of advanced civilization, and the other intelligent beings either have disappeared from the universe or is in the "primitive stage" can not be separated from the home planet.

If this is true, then humans are undoubtedly a "primitive civilization", and in addition to humans, there are also a large number of "primitive civilizations" in the galaxy similar to humans, in the eyes of advanced civilizations, such as humans In the eyes of advanced civilizations, "primitive civilizations" like humans are just like ants, they already know enough.

To our human ability, we can indeed reach any place on the surface of the earth, but the surface of the earth there are still many humans who rarely ventured into the region, if it is a long way to go to a place we are not interested in visiting a group of ants we have long been used to, then it is estimated that no one wants to go.

For the same reason, the distance in the universe is often calculated in light years, even the advanced civilization, running so far will also be consumed, so if there is no suitable reason, they simply can not come all the way to visit the Earth, on the other hand, even if they are "passing" from the vicinity of the Earth, it is likely not to stay, after all, when When we humans are in a hurry, we usually don't stop just because there is a group of ants on the side of the road.


There are many other hypotheses, for example, some people think that the so-called advanced civilization does not exist, and some people think that the advanced civilization is deliberately hidden for various reasons, we will have the opportunity to talk more, so I will not list them all here.

Well, that's all for today, welcome to follow us, we'll see you next time.


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