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What would happen to the Earth if the sun suddenly disappeared?

500 seconds after the start of the big change

By ApostolakisPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

What would happen to the Earth if the sun suddenly disappeared? The answer, of course, is that the Earth will undergo a dramatic change, but in the moment of the disappearance of the sun, the Earth will not immediately change, because the speed of propagation of solar light and gravity is the speed of light, about 300,000 kilometers per second, and the average distance between the Earth and the sun is about 150 million kilometers, so in about 500 seconds, the Earth's dramatic change will begin, and from then on to kick off a difficult human survival.

After the sun disappears for 500 seconds, the earth's giant change will start with the sudden darkening of the sky on the sunny side of the earth, the loss of the sun's light and heat, the earth's surface will begin to cool down, because the higher the temperature of the object, its ability to radiate heat is stronger, so at the beginning, the earth's cooling rate is relatively fast, and with time, the earth's cooling rate will gradually tend to slow down.

It only takes 24 hours for the average surface temperature to drop to about 9 degrees Celsius, 1 week later, to about -17 degrees Celsius, 1 month later, to about -40 degrees Celsius, at this time on the surface of the Earth, in addition to a very few geological structure rupture can rely on the Earth's internal heat to maintain the existence of liquid water, the other areas are all frozen, the Earth gradually becomes a frozen The Earth has gradually become a frozen planet.

In this month, the Earth's ecosystem will completely collapse, a large number of species will be extinct, human beings will also suffer, in the endless darkness and ice, the infrastructure built by mankind failed, a variety of resources are increasingly scarce, the number of human beings will therefore be decimated, and the surviving human beings have clearly known that the sun will not rise again, they will consciously to nuclear power plants or The surviving human beings already know that the sun will not rise again, and they will consciously gather in nuclear power plants or areas rich in geothermal energy.

On the other hand, after the loss of the sun's gravity, the original orderly solar system will become chaotic, and all kinds of celestial bodies will be out of their original orbits, in this case, the probability of collision between the Earth and other celestial bodies will be greatly increased, once a large-scale celestial collision, not to mention the human race, even the Earth itself may be destroyed.

Assuming that the Earth is lucky enough to escape a devastating celestial impact, then after 1 year, the average surface temperature will drop to minus 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. 1 year after the disappearance of the sun, the Earth's atmosphere has been very stable, and the various regions of the Earth's surface will be synchronized to cool down, at this time the surface of the Earth can hardly see any signs of life, and the number of human beings is reduced to ten million, this is because the human Many settlements are no longer able to support human survival.

The surviving humans live in a few large underground bunkers, and their energy comes from geothermal and nuclear energy as well as traditional fossil fuels. There is not much food left at this point, but humans have begun to experiment with artificial light sources to cultivate plants, and have made some progress.

It is worth noting that 21% of the Earth's atmosphere is oxygen, with a total mass of up to 1.882 x 10^18 kg, so the source of oxygen is not a problem, but at this time there is no more carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere because when the temperature is below -56.6 degrees Celsius, carbon dioxide freezes into a solid state and scatters above the surface, so when cultivating plants, if there is not enough carbon dioxide (humans can produce it themselves), humans need to collect it on the surface of the earth.

After 20 years, the surface temperature has dropped to about minus 220 degrees Celsius, at which temperature the Earth's atmosphere no longer exists because oxygen and nitrogen have frozen into a solid state. If humans on Earth still exist, then they have mastered the technology of artificially cultivating plants, and they may even cultivate some mollusks as a source of protein, and as for the resupply of oxygen, they can just go digging on the ground.

At this point in time, humans have been stabilized on Earth, but face an increasingly serious problem: they can collect fossil fuels and nuclear fuel for nuclear fission is ultimately limited, and geothermal energy is not enough to support their survival needs. So mankind will at this time devote itself to the development of controlled fusion.

Before the fossil and nuclear fuels run out, if mankind does not master controlled fusion, mankind will not escape the fate of extinction, and if mankind does succeed, mankind's struggle for survival will end, and the earth will usher in a new era.

Just the deuterium in the earth's oceans, the energy released through nuclear fusion can support modern humans for billions of years, so it is not difficult to imagine, then the human race will have a constant source of powerful energy, I believe that within a hundred years, they can return to the surface of the earth to live, and bring the earth a long-lost light and warmth.

It is a pity that in the next long time, human beings do not have the goal of space exploration, because after the sudden disappearance of the sun, the solar system in the many celestial bodies "scattered", in the vast space of the universe, only a dark moon is still accompanying the Earth.

Only after a long time, the Earth "wandering" in the cosmic space into (or close to) another star system, or mankind has developed the technology can be interstellar navigation, mankind can further develop in the universe.

Of course, the above can only exist in our imagination, after all, from the known laws of the universe, the sun is impossible to disappear somehow.

Well, that's all for today, welcome to follow us and we'll see you next time.


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