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The narcotic honey

Learn about one of the most strange honey which is the narcotic honey and what will happen if someone eats it

By ghadermPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Have you ever heard of exotic honey, honey made by bees and called "hallucinogenic honey" or "narcotic honey"?

This honey is very rare, and it is found in certain countries, and the reason why it is different from other types of honey is that it has a potency that resembles the effect of cocaine or hashish!

It is considered the most expensive type of honey on the market.

Far away, specifically in the Himalayas and in a country called Nepal, a country located between China and India.

Among the tribes of this country is a tribe called the Goring, and they are located in eastern Nepal and they are specialized in researching and extracting this honey.

Some have an idea that honey is on a tree or in beekeeping boxes, meaning it is within reach, but getting this honey first needs to be a hard heart like a rock, and it really must be tough enough, because you have to climb the top of a mountain more than 100 meters.

There is no climbing elevator or stairs, just bamboo stairs.

In order to learn how dangerous a profession is, the Grung people name the slopes after the hunters who died while harvesting honey.

Those who have a phobia of heights will never be able to climb, because they may lose consciousness midway due to the high altitude!

The process of extracting this honey is really difficult and dangerous, and some climbers lost their lives for that, and the reason is that those looking for honey must climb to the top of the cliff, and that is half the problem.

The biggest problem, when you reach the hive, how can you deal with thousands of angry bees who are ready to sting hard, and at this moment the bees are in a crazy state, and all this while you are at a height of 100 meters, and only you are on a bamboo ladder !!

How would you behave if a swarm of bees stung you and not a single bee?

You can't show any strong reaction because it can fall and become in pieces for which bears and eagles can eat.

The bees that make this honey have a strange name, and a very long 20-letter name, "Apis dorsata laboriosa."

The hive of this bee is really gigantic, and the honey produced by this bee is only present in some countries of the world such as Nepal, China and India, and a similar type to it is found in Turkey and the Red Sea.

But that which is found in Nepal is the most famous and strongest honey among them, and it is known as red honey or hallucinogen honey.

The reason for calling it red honey is that bees bring nectar from a red flower and the name of this flower is "Rhododendron" which grows in one season, which is spring.

The second name is hallucinogenic honey, not because the honey itself contains this narcotic substance, but rather because the nectar of this flower contains a toxic substance called "Grayanotoxin". In this way, when the bees take the nectar from the poisonous flower, they move to the honey itself.

The process of cutting honey and transporting it from one person to another down the slope takes between two to three hours, and sometimes if the bees are more angry and the hive is large, it will take about 4 hours to harvest one colony, and of course the time period depends on the size and number of beehives in the colony.

Then residents sell honey in the markets, and it costs around $ 170 per kilogram.

In order to know what is the effect of this honey on the body or why it is called hallucinogen honey, the Nepalese fishermen say that the recommended amount is only two tablespoons of this honey, and if you eat two tablespoons, the following will happen to you: After a quarter of an hour of eating these two tablespoons of this honey, meaning after 15 minutes You will start to feel a strange cold starting from the back of the head and ending in the chest, then this coldness will then move to the stomach and to the stomach specifically, and from moment to moment you will feel that you want to vomit, and for moments you will feel that you are blind, in one moment you will be able to see completely, and another moment you won't be able to see Except for the darkness, then after that you will start to feel afeeling like paralysis in your limbs and you won't be able to move, and this feeling will continue for hours, and it can continue for a whole day if you eat more quantity; but if you eat 4 or 5 tablespoons, you will feel as if you are traveling to another planet !!

Here was everything about the narcotic honey and I need you to know that this article is only for teaching purposes. Hope you find it enjoyable

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