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What secrets lie in this region?

By BethPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
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When the word Bermuda triangle is mentioned, it raises eyebrows and of course some people get goosebumps, anyways that’s beside the point.

Let’s talk about the mystery surrounding this region. The Bermuda triangle is a region generally limited by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. There are various publications documenting the bizarre disappearances of various ships and planes that have essentially evaporated without a follow inside the fanciful triangle.

The vanishings have been ascribed to the ruses of gigantic ocean beasts, goliath squid, or extra-terrestrials. Outsider kidnappings, the presence of a strange third aspect made by obscure creatures, among other theories.

Some figures in history such as Christopher Columbus have been noted to have explored this region. He wrote in his log about odd compass course nearby. However, it took a while till before the district got its name. In August 1964, Vincent Gaddis begat the term Bermuda Triangle while covering the vanishing of Flight 19.


In December 1945, five US Navy torpedo bombers, known as Flight 19, took off from their Florida base on a routine training mission. But within hours all the 14 crew members and their aircraft vanished after entering the Bermuda Triangle - an area of water spanning up to 4 million square kilometers and bordered by the US southeast coast, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

The truth, say many, is undeniably duller. They contend that an occasionally misleading Earth's life giving force, human blunder, terrible craftsmanship or plan, and downright misfortune can make sense of the numerous vanishings.

According to U.S Maritime history specialist, John Reilly, "The Bermuda locale is profoundly voyaged and has been a bustling intersection since the beginning of European investigation,"

On the fateful day, in one of the last radio messages received, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, the flight commander, reported: "We are entering white water, nothing seems right. We don't know where we are, the water is green, no white." Following the disappearance of the plane, a search party was sent out. A massive land and sea search was mounted, but neither bodies nor wreckage were ever found.

Adding to the tragedy, one of the rescue planes also disappeared along with its 13-man crew. Their plane, a PBM Mariner, was nicknamed the "flying gas tank"; the slightest spark or a lit match could cause an explosion. A ship in the area reported seeing a huge fireball and crossing through an oil slick at the exact time and place where the plane would have been. The Navy halted production of that plane in 1949.

In the Navy's final report, the disappearance of Flight 19 was blamed on human error. The pilot’s family protested and, after several reviews, the verdict was changed to "causes or reasons unknown."

That is only one of the many tragedies that have been reported some other notable aircraft incidents include;

10th July 1945 – US Navy PBM3S patrol plane (Eleven Members)

5th December 1945 – Flight 19 (Fourteen Members)

3rd July 1947 – Douglas C-54

30th January 1948 – Avro Tudor G-AHNP (six crew members and twenty-seven passengers)

28th December 1948 – Douglas DC-3 NC16002 (three crew and thirty-six passengers)

6th December 1965 – Private ERCO Ercoupe F01 (Two members)

20th June 2005 – Piper PA-23 (Three people)

23rd February 2017 – Turkish Airline TK183

15th May 2017 – MU-2B Aircraft (the wreckage was found much later)

The above mentioned incidents happened on air, there are other incidents that have occurred at sea and on land. There are so many theories that have come up over the years trying to explain what exactly happens in this area. Given that none of them has been proven to be true its open season. I guess this gives everyone a leeway to develop our own theories and join the rest.

Still, given a choice between the horrifying idea of a giant squid's tentacles wrestling an innocent ship to the sea floor, or an alien abduction, versus human error, shoddy engineering, and a temperamental Mother Nature, what do you think causes all these incidents.

If you would like to read more about the other disappearances kindly let me know on the comment section below.


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    This article is fantastic—I appreciate its well-crafted and informative nature.

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