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What happened to this Forest?

By BethPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Jan Szwagrzyk on Unsplash

When anyone hears about a crooked forest, it sounds like one of those Disney animation concepts or one of those Hollywood block buster movies concepts. But there is indeed and actual crooked forest in Poland. This strange forest blends science fiction and ecological abnormality, the forest consists of a group of 400 trees in Poland’s Krzywy Las or what has now become the common term, “Crooked Forest,”. The trees strangely buckle out at 90 degrees and form an odd J-shape or what seems to look like a potbelly hovering just above the ground. The trees are also neatly organized, with all their crooks pointing northward.

We can all agree that this is not a common phenomenon, trees just do not grow that way anywhere in the world and what makes it stranger is the fact that they are so many and seem to have a common “agenda”. As the curious human beings that we are, many have tried to rationalize how this trees became that way. If only trees would talk right? So here are some of the theories that have come up over the years.

The backwoods have around 400 screwy trees that age around 75 years. It is assessed that they were planted around 1943. The slantedness of the trees should be visible to begin at the lower part of the storage compartment of the tree. The twist or the slantedness gets only 10 to 50 cm going the ground and the bend to around 9.8 meters long. The abnormal trees are tracked down in little groups in the whole woodland.

However, individuals all around the world possess scratched their brainpower and looked through each page of each and every book to track down the right response yet has hopelessly neglected to find the right response that could make sense of the genuine explanation for this abnormality. However, you can hear the different hypothesis that individuals feel could be valid.

Perhaps of the most spread reason around the town is that the nearby foresters are behind the bowed state of the trees. They established these trees in 1925 and 1928 wanting to utilize the storage compartment of the trees to shape furniture out of them available to be purchased purposes. Thus, they upset the regular development of these trees when they were not really a decade old.

Because of forceful hacking and bullying, they didn't allow the trees to take their normal structure that vigorously affected their development. Another explanation that is likewise incredibly normal among local people is that the trees were exposed to a weighty blizzard. The blizzard drove the trees to be straightened for a significant stretch while they were as yet youthful. The thick layer of snow on the storage compartment of the trees while the trees encountered a development spray. In any case, this reason has been called impossible by the vast majority over the world as the slanted timberland has various pine trees encompassing it that went through no strange development spray. Thus, to decipher that main certain segments of the woods encountered the crookedness or bowed structure is very odd.

As per certain individuals, during the attack of Poland in The Second Great War, the very weighty conflict tanks pushed through the woodland. This leveled the trees so much that they bounced back warped. However, this reason is additionally supposed to be not completely evident. Yet again as this was just capable by specific areas of the timberland and not the whole woodland. However, as we realize that the trees age close to 80 years, there is a slight opportunity of this occasion to have been happened.

So what do you think happened to the forest, is there any of the concepts you think is the cause of the crookedness?


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  • Test4 months ago

    Well written! Good job!

  • Rahab Kimondo4 months ago

    Interesting story

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