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By Raquel Teixeira Published 2 months ago 3 min read

feel. mother holding us fiercely as we walk back home. our ancestors dancing to every sacred fire we sit around, every souvereign breath we take, every foot we put on the earth. great spirit’s voice guiding our every move. unplugging us from matrix cords back into the grid lines of Truth. anchoring our roots down deep so that we can wildly shake away the fear & claim our soul’s infinity power. the ego might think power is money, or things, or status. but self limitation is the delusion of being separate. power is belonging. is being looked after by serpents & eagles as we care for all bodies of pachamama. which is to say we care for all bodies of ourselves. the moon reflecting bright orange & blind trust. the sun coding divine action. connecting us to our cosmic stories. in our remembering, we bring about gentle breezes, piercing hurricanes, earthquakes, thunderstorms & soft rain. standing for what our hearts know to be real. seeing clearly, speaking passionately. in surrender devotion rapture. from a place somewhere in our sacred sacral grail. pure clarity veil. blood bleeding distortions of lust, greed, grief. we might try to kill every spider cockroach mosquito that crawls our way, every centipede scorpion jellyfish bite. but She loves us too much. She will infiltrate every corner of Dreamtime, keeping it alive. whispering the secrets of the dragon lines & golden rhymes.

dying is birthing. a golden lifetime of light & love anchored within the womb of our Mother Earth. Christ consciousness grid activated, recalibrating from inside our diamond heart. awakening into pure rainbow magic art. a dreaming of flower beauty, power poetry, divine mystery. remembering the weavings of sacred existence, harmonious essence, deep presence. a frequency of clarity, breath of unity, song of mastery. tears of crystal bliss. trusting the abyss. our destiny we won’t miss. mankind’s pain is not in vein. god’s claim. an ego train washed away in heaven’s rain. garden of eden plain. words beyond name. a cosmic game. violet flame.

cosmic heart activation station is courage to feel sacred rage as we walk on a stage that needs some sage to set hearts free from a cage of insanity age

do this don’t do that lock the door what’s the score? drive the car hide the scar


u are a star

break the spell of toxic smell ring, holy bell sing, golden swell

release the tension of a matrix nation trapped in illusion of separation

if we spit on the air we breath aren’t we under a dark sith?

it a creed, bleed

aleluia for rainbows & butterflies but how are they to rise if the ego don’t die?

we walk blind say we fine drink a wine mine mine mine & in that time right behind follows a trail dragging veil of pale hail

what about our grail? the magic tale? & mermaid tail?

yell !!!

we fell to rise & tell what was hidden on the dwell

drop the mask invite ur sacred task & float on a realm so vast the story of money ain’t that funny sucking the honey killing the bunny that wants to lead us on fairyland journey

a destiny of infinity that we give away on an ash tray hip hip hurray

it’s not easy, hey 🙏

but trust the sway feel the ray pray bring about a new way

what’s wrong with a world of no phone if there is colour on a stone, life on a bone & the wind blows celestial tone?

cutting the green on a mindless spin, killing our mother thinking we win, piling our shadow on a bin, watching the screen, covering skin

scream !

it a sin

Love serve hit the nerve observe absorb be a bird & give birth to the new earth

haho 🪶


About the Creator

Raquel Teixeira

My mission is to spread LOVE! Dancing my dance of freedom in this beautiful flow of the energy we are. One with the Universe, co-creating a New Earth: Fairyland, Atlantis, Heaven, The Great Awakening; however we want to dream it. So it is!

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