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Me and Nature

The sun shed its light on the earth and the wind gently caressed our faces. Last Sunday was a good day and we had a good mood

By NatalieMarmolPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Me and Nature
Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

The sun shed its light on the earth and the wind gently caressed our faces. Last Sunday was a good day and we had a good mood. We were on a bike ride with a lovely group of students! A "long train" of people was already riding to a small village close to the city!

It was out of this world! Look at the huge fields of wheat that come into view at irregular intervals. The wind gathers them together to form a sea of green, stumbling in the fields and countryside, rolling waves of wheat, shining in the golden sunlight looks extra green, put off the car, let's go see!

Oh, it was lovely! Walking out into the wheat field we took a good look at each pearl of wheat. They were all wearing green coats, with morning dew on their leaves, and looked at the fruits, tender, only they were wearing thick coats and hiding shyly inside. Watching them straighten their backs and raise their heads made me grow a lot of spirits. They are much more interesting than my teddy bears.

Wheatfield, wheat field, you are so cute. Too bad I'm going to part with you to the next spot, I'll remember you, for sure.

Rack up the car and keep going. On the uneven gravel road, I began to look forward to another encounter with nature.

As we rode on, we came to a vegetable field in the village. Most of the fields here were planted with vegetables, and there was a small patch of farmland in front of us full of grass, a great place to go! Okay, let off the bike, I'm going to hug you!

To make it across, you still have to jump over a ditch. This is a test of our team spirit, the bold students took a little breath and jumped over, after friendly hands to us, pulling us, driven to jump over, awesome! I'm going to rush through! The flowers and cauliflowers on both sides are waving to me, so next time I'll "treat" you guys. Ah, stepping on the soft grass, phew! Breathing in the fresh air is something else. This is not something you can buy with money.

Squat down and let me take a closer look at the grass. Some of them just pull out tender buds, light green, to the newborn fetus; some are already an "adult", bright green color, thanks to a few stable. Their faces are covered with tiny dewdrops, looking dainty and making you feel sorry for them. They give me infinite new hope, which is much more powerful than my calcium tablets.

Little grass, little grass, I wish I could spend more time with you, but unfortunately, my team has to leave again, I will remember you, for sure.

It was now close to noon, and we had to have lunch-cum-breakfast. Mr. Meng took us to a restaurant and was ready to eat. However, looking at the wheat fields in the distance, my heart could not be at peace. We were only one road away from each other, but it was like a million miles apart. I had a decision to make.

What I saw and heard this morning made me fall in love with this land and feel the vibrancy and prosperity of nature. Don't worry, I will not let you disappear, I will protect you, no matter how many years, we will surely meet again. I have a pact with nature.

My dear ones, tell me firmly that you have the same wish as I do, and you are looking forward to the fulfillment of your agreement with nature, so please join me in protecting them and taking care of our home!


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