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Do Not Risk Tree Care

Do Not Risk Tree Care to anyone

By Fatma M RobinsonPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Do Not Risk Tree Care
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Do not Risk Your Tree Care to Anyone? Being a native Floridian or living on the Gulf Coast, means having Palm trees on our property. Those trees provide shade and hiding spots for Palmetto Bugs. They are similar to huge flying cockroaches. Proper tree care is important for any property. According to Susan Brian,, by using a professional tree service. Noticing the tree leaves turning brown or yellow and falling off quickly without drying first. To avoid this mistake, you need to make sure the soil has good drainage. You can do it by adding 30%-50% sand to the soil mix when you plant your tree. A newly planted tree gets watered every day for the first week.” If you do not provide your trees with enough water, the tips of the leaves will start turning brown. Most of the palm trees like moist, well-drained soil. To find out if your palm tree is getting enough water, check the moisture level of the soil the next day after a watering. Damp soil down by the roots of the palm tree is necessary. If you are not sure how to check the moisture level, go here: "Root systems are vital to the health and longevity of trees. All plants need water, oxygen, and nutrients. These are most readily available near the soil surface where precipitation infiltrates the soil and oxygen from the atmosphere diffuses into the porous soil.” Most roots that are important, have tiny, absorbing roots, proliferating near the soil surface. The larger trees' roots are in the upper 18"-24" of soil. When space is available, roots can spread two to three times further than the branches. Tree roots are often associated with situations that cause damage to structures, pavements, and utilities. In almost every case, roots are not the cause of the problem. The most common problem with Palm Tree roots is over fertilizing. The Sassafras, Silver Leaf, and Rubber Trees need adequate space when being planted to avoid root damage. Turkey Oak trees grow wild in Hillsborough County. This is why it is important to have someone experienced and Licensed in tree care. Not fertilizing trees is as much of a problem as over fertilizing. Yes, trees do need vitamins like humans. However, they only need fertilizing during the warmer months of the year. Good soil can keep trees looking healthy. A rookie mistake is using soil mixed with fertilizer. The best product to use is Premium Pro-Mix . Many trees will not grow in a strong climate or tolerate sunburn easily. Hurricane and maintenance pruning are problems in tree care. Cutting the brown part of the leaf, because it will save the palm tree from wasting nutrients on the dying leaf. Makes sense, right? Wrong. Palm trees need dying leaves for nutrients, and when you cut them off, your palm tree does not like it. Palms move nutrients from the older fronds to the new growth. Palm fronds get cut when they are as close as possible to the trunk. Do not remove any fronds that grow at 45 degree angle or greater. One might think removing extra weight from your trees will save them during a hurricane. Makes sense, right? Wrong. Your trees need all the leaves they can get to protect the new growing fronds from wind. What one does before a storm or hurricane is professional structuring or cabling. This is only done by a licensed professional. Please do not risk your tree care to anyone.


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