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The Only Survivor

Best Memories With My Dog

By Fatma M RobinsonPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
The Only Survivor
Photo by Vico Pradipta on Unsplash

One day my best friend was at her friend's house, and she let her Chihuahua, Maggie roam around knowing she was not spayed. As a result, my baby dog, Angelo, was conceived. At the time my artist boyfriend actually named him Michael Angelo after the artist. I just shortened it.He loves the name Angelo. He is a very happy dog.

Well, his mother didn't like to feed him. Sometimes, I had to hold his little fluff ball self, and I gave him puppy milk in a dropper then, we progressed to a bottle. He was the only survivor of his litter of three. He is a black and white Chihuahua and Papillion mixed. A Papillion is an angel eared dog.

My fondest memory with Angelo was when he was a puppy, and we first realized he could walk on two legs, jump on my lap, and hung from a rag he grabbed with his teeth. He is like a little raccoon.

We started playing music, and Angelo put his little paws on me. He started walking on his back legs against my legs. He just made me smile. When I sat down he then jumped on my lap. Pretty soon, Angelo was jumping on my lap all the time. When I didn't want him to, then he still did. I guess he really is a lap dog. Now, I know why people say that about small dogs.

One day, a rag fell to the floor, and Angelo and I decided to play tug of war. Eventually, I put him on the app, TikTok dangling from the rag with his teeth. He would not let go of that rag for nothing. He was just hanging there in the air and swinging back and forth.

He was really the cutest thing. It was our first and best memory. He really was not gonna let that rag go, even if it meant leaving the ground. Now, whenever he wants something; then I catch him walking on two legs. He also barks a little too much, but we got him a collar that vibrates for every bark.

Writing this story, I realized how smart our animals become with more and more human interactions. It surely makes all memories with them very special. After all, we do not know how long we have with them, because dog years are different from human years.

I have had a dog that lived twenty years and one that lived nine due to cancer. You never can tell. Angelo is one on December 23fd, and I hope he lives for a very long time. So keep all the memories with your animals close to your heart forever.


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Fatma M Robinson

Hi, everybody calls me Tina. I have many degrees, but my passion is advocating and activism for climate change, animal awareness, homelessness, racism, and social change. Currently, I am a Peer Counselor.

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