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Revenge stories

that went too far

By Nicolas J.DPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

There are multiple types of revenge, including ruthless revenge, calculated revenge, and revenge stories that may be considered extreme.

It is a rule in life not to mess with old people

Even the kindest and sweetest meemaw can seek revenge. Reddit user Remote-Syllabub7412 learned this lesson. They were visiting their grandparents and noticed that the lot next door was vacant. It was strange because there used to be a house there. They asked their grandparents what happened, and they had a story. The previous neighbors were unpleasant. They were loud, and aggressive, and their son had broken into the grandparents' house. He stole and sold some of the grandfather's guitar collection. Thankfully, everything was insured and the son went to jail. However, this only made the family more difficult. They became even louder, and more aggressive, and started harassing the grandparents on a daily basis.

Syllabub's grandma noticed the poor condition of their rented house. She contacted the local authorities who inspected it and deemed it unfit to live in. The landlord relocated the neighbors, but became angry when he found out about the report. Grandma continued to call state services to complain. The landlord faced fines but didn't pay. The matter went to court and a warrant was issued when he didn't show up. A demolition team then bulldozed the house. Grandma successfully eliminated the bad neighbors and potential future problems. The moral of the story is to respect and not underestimate the elderly.

A woman criticized a vegan on Facebook causing an argument

The woman took a different approach and asked if the vegan was interested in being interviewed for an article about vegan ethics. The vegan agreed, not knowing the woman was actually a reporter preparing an exposé on aggressive behavior within the vegan community. The woman shared the conversation with her editor and the exposé was published, revealing the judgment and aggression of some vegans. The vegan was publicly shamed.

Having a terrible neighbor can be a real problem

As one Reddit user named Ashtray134 found out. Their neighbor was constantly party­ing and making noise, with a loud motorbike, a barking dog, and friends coming over at all hours. It became impossible for Ashtray134 to get a decent night's sleep. So, they decided to take revenge. They discovered that the neighbor was trying to sell his house for as much money as possible. With this information, Ashtray134 started throwing huge, loud parties every night until 3:00 a.m. They invited as many people as they could, played loud music, and caused a lot of noise. The neighbor complained, but Ashtray134 told him they were simply following his own lifestyle. Eventually, the constant noise and disruption forced the neighbor to drop the price of his house. Ashtray134 continued their noisy parties until the house was sold. Once new neighbors moved in, the parties finally stopped. Revenge had been served and a lesson was learned.

Revenge on a wedding day

Getting revenge on your wedding day? That seems like the last thing anyone would want to do. But for Reddit user GhostRains, it was the perfect way to expose their cheating ex-fiance. GhostRains had discovered that their fiance was cheating just days before the wedding, and instead of canceling the event, they decided to go through with it with a twist. During the vows, GhostRains publicly revealed the infidelity and the reasons for the breakup. The cheating partner was left humiliated in front of friends and family, while GhostRains walked away with their dignity intact. It might not have been the wedding day they had dreamed of, but it was certainly a memorable way to get revenge on a cheater.

These are just some extreme stories of revenge that had significant consequences and went too far. If you have any personal revenge stories, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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