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Malèna 1/2

True Love Walked with Me

By xuanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

These days, I revisited the "Malèna", once again was amazed by Marlena, I have to say that Monica is really a sexy object, even I a girl to see it is also very moved, originally this film must hit five stars, the result of the broadcast platform cut it almost can not connect the plot, good literary film, was cut in a mess...

The director used the perspective of the little boy Renado to show us a beautiful, sexy but not dusty Marlena, her husband went to the front line to fight, Marlena lived alone in the face of men's covetous, women's jealousy, her eyes are always quiet, walk is always low eyes, ignore everything around, however, when Marlena's husband died in the front line of the news spread, Her seemingly peaceful life is finally broken, the old creepy doctor intends to touch Marlena, Marlena has to Sue him to court for his own reputation, but no one believes her, even the elderly old father does not believe in her chastity, and she draws a line...

"What is her crime? Her only crime is to be too beautiful. "This is what the fat lawyer said in court to defend Marlena, and I think it is also what the director wants to express! This man helped her win the case when no one wanted to believe her, but he also raped her after the case without hesitation, he just wanted to possess her.

When I saw that Marlena finally went on the road of selling her body in the greed and exclusion of the town residents, but only in exchange for the necessities and food of life, I was very sad, I couldn't imagine that it was a group of seemingly warm people who did something, and the ugliness of human nature was exposed here.

When Marlena first appeared in front of everyone after doing a prostitute, she cut short hair, dyed bright red, wore heavy makeup, and even smoked cigarettes, her hands and feet were full of charm, and the same only her calm eyes, when so many lighters appeared in front of her, her eyes suddenly dimmed down, which was very worrying. Her heart should also be very sad! The chastity that I had held for so long, now I was just trying to survive...

"People don't love beauty at all, beauty is not to be forgiven, beauty is to be abused." When the war is over, Marlena is dragged into the street by the women of the town to beat and humiliate her, but no one comes to help her, those men are indifferent, they just want to conquer her to achieve their own shameful sense of achievement. Even drove her out of the town, Marlena's long-suppressed emotions finally burst into full force at this moment, all the grievances, anger, sadness and inability to do anything about everything around her into painful tears, forced to leave this place for her has never been kind, but it is also her home!

"Only by returning to the old place, can we regain our dignity" If I say the most touching part of this play, it must be Marlena's husband, this man, lucky to survive the war, but also lost an arm, after his painstaking search for Marlena's whereabouts, and her hand in hand back to the town at that moment, the image of this man has become extremely tall, at this moment, He was a gentleman, he knew what had happened to his wife before, he took her home with him, helped her find the dignity she had lost, and let everyone know that from now on, it was up to him to protect her.

Time passes quickly, the once beautiful woman has become a middle-aged woman, and ironically, the women of the town are showing their love to Marlena, as if nothing had happened before, this episode is very thoughtful, when everyone has adapted to a certain unspoken rule, only you are working hard to break this rule by yourself. Other people will come to pull, come to suppress, why should you be different from others? Why are you the only one who doesn't play by the rules? Why do you have to be better than anyone else? So, they will let you hit the head of blood, until become like them so far, the world is never lack of beauty, but are hit by the reality of the body, and finally have to yield to reality.


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Lust and caution, can not give up is not love and hatred, but people and born struggle, with themselves, with others, and society. Because of this human nature can not quit, love and pain, is the eternal theme of life.

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