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Malèna 2/2

True Love Walked with Me

By xuanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The beautiful legend called Sicily, however, the film is not a beautiful scene, but the darkness of humanity in the war.

How beautiful Marlena was, and how wonderful. She is elegant and sexy, but she is always loyal to love, loyal to her husband who is fighting abroad.

Because of her beauty, she is envied by women all over the city, women tell her behind her back, and men falsely show disdain for her because she is married.

She went to sleep with her husband's photo every night, looking forward to her husband's triumphant return, but when the news of her husband's martyrdom came back, she began to get into trouble, and almost all the men tore off their masks of hypocrisy and began to offer their own flattery to him.

As a result, the rumors spread more recklessly, and even her father had to break off relations with her because of the rumors.

Then, after the war took away her father, the only thing she had left, the people of the town became even more ostracized, refusing to give her the chance to work and stopping the welfare payments. The men who take advantage of her swarm in, she has to become a victim of life, except to sell her body in exchange for the possibility of survival, she has no way.

The moment she cut off her long hair, she knew she had to sell her body to survive. An officer asked her if she could visit her every Thursday, and she said she could just bring food.

After the end of the war, the women of the town who were oppressed by the pain of the war gave vent to their anger on the prostitute Marina, who was extremely vicious, a woman who had no one to rely on, and completely became a victim of social trauma.

In the end, Marlena's husband miraculously returned to the town and found Marlena, who had been banished from the town.

In fact, I feel that Marlena never believed the news that her husband had died in the war, because she had faith, she was struggling to keep herself alive.

When Marlena and her husband returned to Sicily, to those inhuman Sicilians, I couldn't help but cry.

If I could, I would rather there had been no war, and that there had never been such a beautiful woman as Marlena.

In a separate biological system, beautiful females are always the focus of competition among males. At the same time, females are in a covert competition for the attention of the most powerful male, so there are two mating rights involved: the male gets the right to mate with the most beautiful female and the female gets the right to mate with the strongest male.

Marlena is undoubtedly the most fascinating woman in her world, and all the encounters, changes, and tragedies she has experienced are all due to the male struggle for her, and since the news of her husband's death, this struggle has gradually intensified, and the men of some status in the town can no longer resist, they are shirtless, He was willing to fight for Marlena's mating rights. At the same time, due to the threat of losing the right to copulation, the fight between women and Marlena has also changed from the original backstabbing to the open gun fight, they rushed to the front desk, eager to make her become a sinner, will be willing to kill and then fast, until the final fight, With a view to eliminating all its influence on the mating rights of high society women.

After being turned into a prostitute, a German plaything, and the vengeful indignations and punishments of jealous women after the war, Marlena is completely destroyed, as a beautiful woman to be coveted by men and as a competitor to be feared by women, she no longer exists. A year later, Marlena returned from a foreign country under the support of her husband, the former glory is no longer, has become a mediocre, even pitiful woman, of course, can no longer be the protagonist in the battle for mating rights, so everything will return to calm, life returned to the original kind of more "normal" track. One cycle ends, and life moves on to the next.

One thing is certain: although the war caused by the beautiful Marlena has come to an end, the mating war of mankind will never cease; it will continue in new forms and on new stages.


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Lust and caution, can not give up is not love and hatred, but people and born struggle, with themselves, with others, and society. Because of this human nature can not quit, love and pain, is the eternal theme of life.

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