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Game of Thrones Final Season a Game of Throes

The Defilement of George R.R. Martins: A Song of Ice and Fire

By J. S. WadePublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - August 2023
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For seven seasons, nine families fought for dominion over the fictional Westeros in Game of Thrones. Some fought with magnificent purpose, others with unfathomable malice. In the series' eighth and final season, without consulting the master creator George R.R. Martin, malicious screenwriter's metamorphic bromides made it a Game of Throes.

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J. S. Wade

Since reading Tolkien in Middle school, I have been fascinated with creating, reading, and hearing art through story’s and music. I am a perpetual student of writing and life.

J. S. Wade owns all work contained here.

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Comments (31)

  • k eleanor10 months ago

    I wish I could watch the game of throne for the first time again atleast my fav scenes tyrion's monologue during the trial, little finger's monologue about chaos, that HODOR scene man, cersei destroying the sept, when winter comes for house frey, battle of bastards, THE RED WEDDING, confession of Lady Olenna Tyrell, God the list is long😭

  • Cindy Calder10 months ago

    Congrats on The Honorable Mention for this story. Well done!

  • A. Lenae10 months ago

    Game of Throes, indeed. Great review!

  • Congrats has been stated. You hit the nail on the head!

  • Leslie Writes10 months ago

    Oh man, so true! The producers really crapped the bed on that ending! Even the actors were unhappy to portray it! Spot on review!

  • Mariann Carroll10 months ago

    Congratulations 🎈🍾 Well deserve👌👏👏👏👏

  • Sampath Dissanayaka10 months ago

    Nice story

  • Mackenzie Davis10 months ago

    Im not a full fan, as I haven’t watched every episode! I am barred. But…I did notice that the writing started to tank somewhere near season 4. And I saw enough of season 8 to agree with you here. So I say well done and well assessed! Congrats, my friend. This is a good use of 50 words. 🎊😊

  • Thavien Yliaster10 months ago

    Nice critique, Wade. The show went downhill several times when it took too many creative liberties and didn't adhere to its own rules. Like when the last of the Dothraki vanished into the night, or how Drogon's fire demolished the Red Keep but zombified Viserion's flames didn't roast Jon Aegon Targaryen when he hid behind that small bit of a demolished wall. Also, Ramsay married a girl named Jeyne who's name rhymed with pain who was supposed to be a substitution for Arya. Lowkey, I can't see Littlefinger selling Sansa off to Ramsey just so he could maintain good relations. Littlefinger's too greedy and self-preserving for his own good to allow harm to befall one of his most precious treasures, Cat's bloodline. Such is life, such is writing. On a different note, is this all that Critique's are becoming rn? No hate to You or anybody else, but I expected a full blown article longer than a micro-fiction. Cause, lowkey, it feels like a cash grab to me. Once a fad starts, works start piling in.

  • C. H. Richard10 months ago

    I know not a popular opinion, but I didn't mind the ending. Some philosophical meanings etc.. I would say the House of Dragons was absolutely the worst, but Game of Thrones ended the way it should have. Great critique though and I hope we are still friends. Congratulations on Top Story too! 😊❤️

  • Cindy Calder10 months ago

    Yes, one of my all-time favorite series came to a catastrophic end, I agree. Was a huge disappointment.

  • Congratulations on your Top Story🎉👍

  • Cathy holmes10 months ago

    Well done. Congrats on the TS

  • JBaz10 months ago

    Love the books....the series started out good but that last season ohhh you could not have said it better. Congratualtions

  • Alexander McEvoy10 months ago

    Never liked the show or the books as much as I felt like I should, but Season 8 was truly one of the worst pieces of entertainment I’d ever consumed. And I watch Uve Bol movies

  • Rachael MacDonald10 months ago

    an unfortunate truth!

  • Dana Crandell10 months ago

    Congratulations, Scott!

  • Lamar Wiggins10 months ago

    One of my favorite shows. I was a late comer. So once I got into it I was able to binge until the last season which was hit and mostly miss for me. Nice review and congrats!

  • Paul Stewart10 months ago

    This feels right on the money even as a non-fan of the show, though, I did kinda like the metaphoric destruction I heard about of the throne. Lovely stuff either way, and glad you got Top Story for this one!

  • Ashley Lima10 months ago

    Wonderfully done! *SPOILER ALERT* * * * In my humble opinion, Bran is the supervillain of the whole show. Bro could see the future and just let all that crap happen to become king?! Horrible ending...

  • Excellent critique Scott. Masterfully written.

  • Cendrine Marrouat10 months ago

    The last season was very anticlimactic for me (just like TWD). But I really like your review. ;-)

  • I found the final season quite heartbreaking, compelling & satisfying. And didn't the author himself state that, inasmuch as he had not finished writing the series, the HBO series & his would quite possibly diverge?

  • L.C. Schäfer10 months ago

    Is there a fan alive who loves the final season 😁

J. S. WadeWritten by J. S. Wade

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