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"Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself"

If everyone truly succeeded no one would succeed

By Daniel SeyiPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining with not a cloud in sight, the wind feels good on the fair skin.

Has it always been this peaceful? He wondered.

He peeked out of my cell looking at the door just down the hallway. Waiting for one day, a man with a white robe over his head to come ask him whether He has any regrets in his life and it's not too late to accept Jesus.

I wonder what my response would be then, He thought to himself out loud.

It was quiet, dead silent, a pin could drop and still make more noise than me.

Have they forgotten about me? He questioned.

A place once filled with tens of people now remains a single soul questioning which day would be his last.

I wonder what hell and heaven are like, He said with curiosity But I know where I belong,

He kept quiet for seconds ,minutes , hours. He couldn't tell how long it had been since he spoke, his perception of time was already derailed. Until, he spoke again.

I wonder how life is outside this walls, He whispered

Memories of his life began to flash through his mind both the wanted and the unwanted. He shared a single tear from his right brown eye.

Why are they coming back now, He mumbled

Then he realised the answer as the words flowed through his mouth

Its my timeTodays the day, He whispered.

Now he had finally realised it was today of all days, the atmosphere was perfect, the conditions seemed right, all that remained was when the door across the hall would open. He chuckled and smiled.

Today's my birthday isn't it, He quoted expecting a response but knew the answer.

Of all the days they picked today cruel but deserved for someone like me, He said

He stood up and touched the rusted locks on his cell that had long been overdue for change and opened his cell.

I bet they didn't lock the door either, He said rather boastfully.

He walked down the hallway with his withered feet's towards the door and stopped, turned around, walked back into his cell then closed it.

Only cowards turn their hide to choose that, He boasted.

He exhaled and inhaled slowly

That's precisely what I would have done in the past, He said calmly.

He sat down to rest his back against the wall and thought more about his past.

I am satisfied with myself and my choices in life! He yelled.

As if to tell himself not to regret his decision.

If there really is a God keeping watch for all the souls I've taken, He boasted loudly, Am sure he would be pleased with my decision,

He closed his eyes and waited but not for long, the door opened with ease and he smiled.

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Daniel Seyi

~ Trying something new in my life hoping this time it could actually be meaning full for others... cause I don't want to help myself for now

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  • Olubunmi Ogunode8 months ago

    Very true. Self love is the most important type of love in the crazy world we now live in. Many thanks for this engaging piece.

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