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We are putting a complete siege on Gaza

6,979 killed

By Adeyinka collinsPublished 8 months ago 2 min read
We are putting a complete siege on Gaza.

Before the establishment of Israel, Gaza was part of what became known as historic Palestine. In 1947, as the British prepared to leave, they left the fate of Palestine up to a newly formed United Nations who voted to divide Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state. Soon, Zionist forces and militias began to forcibly expel hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land to establish the state of Israel. Many internally displaced Palestinians fled to this narrow stretch of land that would later become known as the Gaza Strip. So these refugees became refugees because they were pushed out of their towns and villages. Some of them literally live a mile away from what used to be their towns and villages. Many others were forced to flee to neighboring Arab countries. Overwhelmed by refugees, these countries immediately declared war against the new state of Israel to support Palestinian Arabs. They eventually lost to Israel but Jordan ended up occupying the West Bank and Egypt occupied Gaza City and nearby towns along these ceasefire lines. Then in 1967 another war broke out Amid Palestinian resistance and fearing threats from neighboring Arab countries.Israel launched a full scale attack on Jordan, Syria, and Egypt In just six days, Israel captured the Gaza Strip and the Sinai from Egypt, the West Bank from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria This was the beginning of the Israeli occupation in Gaza that continues today. Israel took control of all movement from and to Gaza by land, air, and sea. It placed troops along this line and inside the Gaza Strip and allowed Palestinians to travel between Gaza Strip Israel, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and other Arab countries; however just a few months after the war even though Palestinians now lived under Israeli control they were referred to as “non-citizens” or “foreign residents” in official Israeli documents. You inherit this status from your parents or grandparents. Being stateless, unrecognized, with no rights has significant impacts on your life. This was also when Israel started to build settlements for Jewish Israelis inside of Gaza which Palestinians saw as yet another sign that their land was being taken away from them And they were increasingly closed in.

%Israeli% industries like %take advantage of Gaza's cheap labor market and paying Palestinians very little. These economic challenges led to the rise of a prominent Islamic social charity:Mujama al-Islamiya.At the time, this charity, partially funded by Israel...built schools, mosques, clinics and provided more food for Palestinians in Gaza.But tensions simmered.Israel feared a growing resistance movement.And in response, soldiers often frisked... arrested and detained residents.In 1987, that tension reached a breaking point after an Israeli truck crashed into a civilian car...killing four Palestinians.Palestinians immediately responded with protests, strikes, and boycotts against occupation. It would become known as the first uprising...or intifada. And that same year Mujama al-Islamiya transformed into a militant group: Hamas. Hamas was a group that came about during the first Palestinian uprising and was not really institutional politics for some time. They weren't in charge of Gaza yet, but they wanted to liberate Palestinian territories from Israel's control...and considered Israel an illegitimate state. After the first year of the intifada,...during which over 140 Palestinians in Gaza were killed...Hamas and other militant groups began to attack Israelis more directly%.

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