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US Lawmakers Urge Urgent Action to Arm Taiwan Against Possible Chinese Invasion

Wargame Exercise Highlights Need for Long-Range Missiles and Coordination with Allies in the Region

By PinkeePublished 12 months ago 3 min read

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Lawmakers in the United States are sounding the alarm on the need to arm Taiwan with weapons to defend against a potential Chinese invasion. The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party recently conducted a wargame exercise, and concluded that the US must act more quickly to provide Taiwan with the necessary military equipment. Experts have warned that China could attempt to invade Taiwan as early as 2027, with Beijing's ultimate goal being to bring Taiwan under the control of the People's Republic. Lawmakers are now urging for swift action to ensure that Taiwan has the military means to deter Beijing's aggression.

During the wargame exercise, lawmakers assumed the role of Taiwanese forces while defense experts from the Center for a New American Security played the role of the Chinese military. The exercise lasted for about two hours and emphasized the need to address vulnerabilities that lawmakers had already identified. According to Andrew Metrick, a fellow with the Defense Program at CNAS and co-creator of the wargame, long-range missiles were identified as a top priority for Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.

To address this threat, lawmakers are urging the administration to expedite a backlog of $19 billion in military sales to Taiwan. US officials have cited production challenges, including pandemic-related supply chain issues and dormant manufacturing streams, as reasons for delays in the delivery of munitions. The wargame exercise also highlighted the importance of coordination among allies and partners in the region, including Japan, South Korea, Australia, and the Philippines, to ensure US military access to key jumping-off points.

In addition to military preparedness, there are concerns about the potential economic consequences of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Sanctions imposed on China could cause global markets to suffer, while the SWIFT banking system that processes international transactions could be cut off. Commercial shipping in the Taiwan Strait could also come to a halt. Lawmakers are urging businesses to take these possibilities seriously and to prepare for potential disruptions.

Some experts believe that the business community is not fully aware of the risks associated with a Taiwan crisis. In opening remarks ahead of the wargame, Representative Mike Gallagher warned that any business overly dependent on the Chinese market, including both suppliers and customers located there, would suffer if China were to invade Taiwan. He urged American businesses to deal with these risks responsibly and not to ignore the potential consequences of a Taiwan crisis.

Despite the urgency of the situation, some analysts believe that the US may be limited in its ability to respond to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. China has already demonstrated its military capabilities by ramping up patrols in the Taiwan Strait and increasing the frequency of military exercises in the region. Additionally, the US may be hesitant to engage in a military conflict with China, given the risks involved.

However, the US has a vested interest in preserving Taiwan's democracy and maintaining stability in the region. With China's increasing assertiveness and aggression in the South China Sea, a conflict over Taiwan could further escalate tensions between the two superpowers. The US must take steps to ensure that Taiwan is equipped to defend itself, while also working to build a coalition of allies and partners in the region to deter China from taking aggressive action.

In conclusion, the threat of a potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan is a serious concern for US lawmakers, defense experts, and business leaders alike. The recent wargame exercise conducted by the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party has highlighted the need for urgent action to equip Taiwan with the military means to deter Chinese aggression. While there are challenges to be addressed, including delays in the delivery of munitions and the need for greater coordination among allies in the region, the US must take this threat seriously and act quickly to prepare


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