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by ET Productions 3 months ago in fiction

Part 1

Synopsis: Dre is coming home after a record breaking college football career at USC. He's now waiting to be drafted in April only two months away. In doing so he must go back home to his hood and await draft time. Unfortunately, he lives in the worse city in the country. Dre has to focus on his bright and immediate future in the midst of his tough neighborhood.

It's 3:37 am on a early Monday morning and Dre is in deep sleep tucked under a thick black comforter and comfortably laying on his back smothering two velvet red pillows. A police helicopter flies overhead and only a slim line of light makes it through the blacked out curtains Dre has in his room. This superficial and intrusive light from the helicopter scans the room like its detecting the presence of life. His room was average in size and square in shape. Only one window and pale white walls surrounded his bed and lonely dresser. In the corner was a small closet only capable of holding a few coats. Dre laid in a queen size bed dreaming of his future in the NFL and the roars from 60,000 fans as he imagines scoring his first touchdown. He dreams of all the trophies he already has and the memories that were already made. He dreams of game winning touchdown catches that stunned the crowd to silence. He remembers the rush of adrenaline flooding his veins during crunch time when it becomes do or die. He remembers beating the double coverage on 4th down to keep the drive alive and finish with another touchdown. Replays of his career from his athletic beginnings play through his mind like the premier of a blockbuster movie. Its thrilling, courageous, dominant, and artistic as the dream highlights and showcases to Dre exactly what he was born to do.

Dre's slumber and euphoric fantasy is interrupted by a sudden press on his nose. Without opening his eyes he tries to rise out the bed. The force on his nose strengthens. He opens his eyes to the barrel of a Glock 9 pressing down on his nose attached to a shadowy black figure in the darkness. Upon further scanning of the room he sees two other shadowy figures, one in the doorway and the other at the front corner of the bed holding a gun pointed directly at him. He looks around the room as fear drains into his body. He yells "yoo Mi!!". Before he could finish his brothers name he's pistol whipped in his temple and immediately knocked unconscious.

Head pounding and dizzy Dre begins to regain consciousness. Dre finds himself sitting on a brown folding chair with his hands tightly tied behind his back and his shins duct taped to the legs of the chair. Blood flowing down his face from the gash near his temple. He squirms and notices to his left Mike is tied and restrained in similar rope. They both begin to squirm and fight. Both willing to break fingers, knuckles and wrists to free themselves. Their struggle is suddenly halted when they both look up to see four guns pointed at them. All four gunmen wearing all black with ski masks to hide their faces. The far right gunmen yells "I'm losing my patience, imma ask yall one more time, where the fuck is the money!?" Mike was the neighborhood drug dealer. People say neighborhood but he really ran the city. He had the opportunity for a better path in life but the brothers parents were killed in a car accident when Mike was 10 and Dre was 8. Mike chose the streets to survive and to provide for his brother before foster care separated the two. Mike was always smart and ambitious. He took a dime bag and 11 years later built a empire. Mike responds "fuck yall, I aint givin yall shit" as he spits on the gunman's all black air force ones. The far left gunman walks over to him and socks him in the stomach. Mike begins to cough as he struggles to breathe from the kidney shot received by one of the intruders. The thief then leans down and whispers in his ear "I cant wait to shoot yo bitch ass". The gunmen now realize they cant get nothing from Mike so they look over to Dre and even through the ski masks they begin to grin. Suddenly, the sound of a car pulling up in the drive way alerts the gunman. One gunman goes to the window to peak through. He is met with a police car in the driveway.

Outside in the driveway a disgruntled police officer tries to get his thoughts together after hours of tears. Officer Goodloe was new to the city but occasionally bought weed from Mike to relieve the stresses of the day. His wife was found in an alley beat up and dead the night before after weeks of her cheating on the officer. Now he is alone and he must take care of his 3 children on his own. The gunman who checked the window comes back to the crowded room and warns the other intruders. One gunman yells "out the back now." They all rush out the back as quickly and quietly as they came. Officer Goodloe approaches the front door and notices a small gap allowing him to see into the house. The hinges were scratched and damaged at the height of the door knob signifying a break in. He draws his gun and flashlight as he slowly enters the previously raided home. As he walks through the door he yells "yoo Mike!!" The brothers yell back "we back here!!" The officer rushes to follow the source of the tortured voices. He walks up to the doorway of the back room. He is met with brown and black beads hanging from the ceiling. He inserts himself quietly as possible through the beads and turns the lights on as he enters the room. He finds the two brothers sitting in the middle of the room tied up and bloody. He scrambles to untie the brothers from this unanticipated bondage. After gaining freedom from captivity, relieved and relaxed Mike says "shittttt, I gotta roll up." Officer Goodloe looks in disgust while shaking his head. Very annoyed Officer Goodloe says "you have to do that right now?" Mike halfway done rolling up combats the officers question and says "nigga you in my house... we smoke in my house... better act like you been here before." Officer Goodloe shakes his head and gives up on the argument and continues his story about his cheating wife.


ET Productions

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