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Unrighteous Blood of Pakistanis in Iran

Why Blood of Pakistanis is Cheaper in Iran Now?

By Ishraq Ahmed HashmiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Pakistan expressed its serious griefs over this incident

Sovereign countries take strict notice of the death of even one of their citizens in another country, like Shahnawaz Ameer, son of Ayaz Ameer, killed his wife Sara Inam due to mental problems. She was a Canadian citizen. The ability to kill Pakistani workers in Iran exists in many organizations, but it can be found out only through a transparent investigation. Many high-profile murder cases do not have a proper investigation. Benazir Bhutto's murder itself was not properly investigated. Arshad Sharif's murder was not investigated.

Well, what does the killing of 9 Pakistani laborers mean in a country like Pakistan or India? What is the value of human life here? Hundreds of heart patients die by taking wrong medicine from Punjab Institute of Cardiology. Shahbaz Sharif had the portfolio of health. About three hundred people died in the fire in the Baldia factory. 14 people were killed in Model Town, who asked? On May 9, while military installations were damaged, 14 PTI workers were also killed. No one even takes a name. In this country, people die by falling into the sewers while walking. PML-N has presented its manifesto, which is titled "Give Pakistan to Nawaz". Well, PML-N has ruled many times, but once again the ruling circles are determined to produce a history-making ruler from within Nawaz Sharif.

Severe tension is felt specially for Iran as to for whom this killing is?

Along with this, they have given Jahangir Tareen, who was called a Chinese thief till yesterday by the Noon-League. Sharif family was once created against Bhutto. Then came the day that Bhutto and Sharif were seated together. There is no such thing as an experiment that has been done. The biggest joke in the manifesto of PML-N is that the supremacy of the Parliament will be ensured, while they have been with the help of the establishment. Judicial reforms are also promised. The situation is that court decisions are not implemented. If the court grants bail six times, then the seventh time they take it away.

The killing of 9 Pakistani laborers in Iran is headline for different media house around the world

Physical attack on the Supreme Court is an old thing, but it is also an attack that Justice Bandyal could not conduct the election even with full force. It is written in the economic reforms that inflation will be reduced by 10% in 2025. During the 16-month government of Shahbaz Sharif, inflation reached the highest level in 59 years at 36.It reached 4 percent. The number of ministers and advisors was 76. Everyone saw what happened to Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park and Nandipur. While Imran Khan personally installed a few cheap ovens, Shahbaz Sharif poured all the money into this scheme, yet it could not continue.

If the government schools could not be repaired, some model schools were built. The main reason is that if a person's priority is to increase personal wealth, then he will never be able to improve the conditions of the country. Man either gets the world or God. would have found The little improvement that happened in the country during the Non-League era was due to CPEC. I have no doubt that in the case of the Sharif brothers, the great scientists chosen by the establishment cannot fix the economy. They can only play tricks, but the Non-League has bothered to make this manifesto only under the pressure of the election. Meanwhile, in the Peshawar rally, Bilawal continued to show Sabz Bagh as usual. It is Bilawal's birthright to show the green garden, but at the same time he said that including leaving the assembly, Khan did stupidity after stupidity. In my opinion, when the unseen forces are determined to teach you a lesson, then it doesn't matter if you don't stay in the assembly. Tehreek-e-Insaf could have survived only if it had remained silent.

D-Marsh would not give up on American intervention and would keep silence within the country. Waiting for the election. When Imran Khan left the Prime Minister's House with his diary, the entire nation came out. The nation gave him a sign of resistance. Later, people got scared, especially after May 9, however, the election-like thing that is happening now, it will be a forced election, the results of which people will accept in the same way as they accept dictatorship. It won't last long. Especially if there is a big upset in circles like Yasmin Rashid and Nawaz Sharif.

We can see the boarder line of Pakistan and Iran clrealy here...

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