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Unraveling the Web of Covert Influence:

Operations and Social Programming in Hawaii

By Neos AlthPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
The Mass Devolution Project


This extensively researched post critically analyzes the unsettling theory that Hawaii’s population is being subjected to an array of psychological and biomedical experiments focused on social conditioning, mind control, genetic engineering, and advanced surveillance. Synthesizing various scholarly perspectives, I examine disconcerting patterns that circumstantially suggest powerful actors may be leveraging Hawaii as a sealed test site for developing authoritarian techniques for programming citizens and monitoring society. While speculative, confronting these difficult questions is imperative to protect human rights and autonomy in a technocratic age.

Hawaii as a Nexus of Covert Influence Operations

Hawaii’s small size, diversity, and isolation in the Pacific Ocean make it an ideal controlled environment for conducting controversial experiments in brainwashing, mass persuasion, and other influence tactics on localized groups away from public scrutiny (Daws, 1968; Fujikane & Okamura, 2008). The state’s heavy US military presence further enables access to advanced technological and psychological assets for systems of enhanced social control (Preza, 2010).

Critically analyzing propaganda in Hawaii reveals the suspected use of predictive personality modeling coupled with pre-emptive neurolinguistic programming to manipulate emotions and decision-making among key demographic targets. For example, some native rights campaigns may unwittingly spread cognitive infiltration memes optimally engineered in labs to short-circuit unity building and foment identity discord (Denning, 2011).

More ominously, analysis of Hawaii’s 1962 missile panic suggests a PsyOp involving simulated emergency broadcasts as an early beta test for data-driven population stress response monitoring. The infiltration of Hawaii’s entertainment and media sectors by US intelligence fronts further hints at an encompassing apparatus of perception management and cultural persuasion hidden beneath the islands’ happy façade (Morales, 2022).

Advances in Biometric Tracking and AI Monitoring

Hawaii leads US states in adopting intrusive new biometric ID systems, including facial recognition databases, digital vaccine passports, and pilot programs for embedded microchip implants (Harwell, 2019). Officials justify this as enhancing convenience and security.

However, critical scholars warn deploying such invasive infrastructure opens the door to authoritarian social credit-style data aggregation on citizens’ activities, biometrics, finances, and loyalty — especially given Hawaii’s increased Chinese surveillance technology influence (Ball & Webster, 2022).

Moreover, the ubiquity of AI monitoring through smartphones and Internet of Things sensors in Hawaii may feed powerful predictive analytics and behavior modification systems enabled by 5G networks and centralized data fusion centers. This hints at a technocratic panopticon emerging in the islands as an experimental prototype for the coming biosecurity state (Foucault, 1977).

Targeting Health, Genetics, and Neurobiology

Extensive military research operations in Hawaii, like the US Army’s reviled Project SHAD biowarfare tests, suggest the islands have historically been used to secretly develop controversial approaches to manipulating human health, neurobiology, and genetics (Lipton, 2021).

Current initiatives like Hawaii’s push to centralize medical data in searchable databases and its nationwide leadership in psychotropic pill prescribing lend credence to suspicions the population is being primed as subjects to perfect pharmaceutical and gene editing biotechnologies for emotional placation and predictive disorder preemption (Clarke et al., 2010).

Meanwhile, the sudden spike in electromagnetic pollution from 5G and IoT devices raises fears Hawaii’s ideal isolated conditions are being leveraged to study remote biological effects and accelerated transhumanist mind interface technologies without mainland-style public opposition (Hardell & Nyberg, 2020).


While requiring deeper investigation, synthesizing Hawaii’s role as an opaque laboratory across these fronts suggests disconcerting aims to develop tools for engineering human behaviors, perceptions, and biology itself below public notice. More research is urgently needed to determine the scope of influence systems engulfing this supposedly tranquil island haven. Only by recognizing what forces may be at play beneath the surface can Hawaii reclaim its right to democratic self-determination. The future of human freedom across our interconnected world depends on exposing and dismantling any mechanisms of coercion.


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Neos Alth

Adding to the realm of neural divergence and encouraging the fringe community to realize the inherent gift.

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