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Top 3 States with Wacky Yet Real and Strange Laws

Arizona, Texas, California

Top 3 States with Wacky Yet Real and Strange Laws
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This first one is not a law but it’s fascinating. Arizona has official state neckwear: The Bolo Tie. (§41-857)

You know those rigged crane games you find in grocery stores, cinemas, and pizza places — the ones where you pay cash and the enormous crane hand descends and snatches you a toy? All things considered, don't consider fixing one of those — it's unlawful for an individual to purposely change or keep a crane game with the goal that the paw is actually unequipped for snatching uncovered prizes. (§13-3312)

Arizona's "Dumb Motorist Law" is the epithet for this rule. This law says that the driver of a vehicle who drives on a public road or expressway that is incidentally shrouded by a rise in water level, and that is blockaded due to flooding, is at risk for the costs of any sort of crisis salvage caused by them. (§28-91)

An individual who purposely or purposefully trips an equine for amusement or game is blameworthy of a class 1 offense. Whenever sentenced, you'd serve at least 48 hours in prison and pay a fine of at any rate $1,000. An "equine" is characterized as a pony, horse, donkey, jackass, or hinny. "Excursions" signifies purposely or deliberately making an equine lose its equilibrium or fall by utilization of a post, stick, or rope or some other article or by some other methods. (§13-2910.09)

In case you're a tracker or love to hunt game, there are a couple of things you should know. To start with, it's illegal to take a game fowl, game vertebrate, or game fish and intentionally throw away any portion. Moreover, you're not permitted to take major game (aside from a bear or mountain lion) with the guide of canines. (§17-309)

You can't feed trash to a pig. Indeed, you read that accurately. The rule indicates that you should acquire a license in the event that you need to feed leftover trash to a pig. In any case, the work around is: you may take care of your own family unit trash and give that to your pig that you raise for your own, but how can you prove the pig is yours? (§3-2664)

On the off chance that you want to explore the unknown avoid, Avondale, Arizona. This city has a law on its books that any individual participating in fortune-telling, palm-perusing, or palmistry is blameworthy of a wrong doing aka a crime. Trance like influence, or hypnosis, is additionally restricted except if it's performed by a certified specialist or dental specialist. (§15-2)

It's restricted to uncover and move a saguaro desert plant. You could face as long as 25 years in jail for this offense. (§3-906)

In Goodyear, Arizona, it's unlawful for any individual to spit on any of the public walkways or crosswalks in the city. It's likewise illicit to spit on any open way, byway or roadway, in or on any open ground or park in the city, or upon the floor or inside of any open structure in the city. (Goodyear Code of Ordinances)


Keep those toes under control!

There are a few urban areas in Texas where it's illegal to go shoeless without a grant. To follow the city's laws of disinfection and appearance, residents should purchase a license for $5. They are then allowed to go shoeless.

No drinking and standing at the same time!

In LeFors, Texas, it is unlawful to take multiple beverages (tastes or swallows) of a brew while holding up your stance in public. It's not totally clear why this turned into a law.

Try not to shoot Bison… from the second story of a motel, hotel or lodging area!

It is still illegal to shoot a bison from the second floor of a lodging. This law might not have been so unusual when bison were ample; nonetheless, there aren't many wild oxen around today that meander the roads of Texas.

Being a tease can land you in Jail!

Playing with the "eyes or hands"in order to convey attraction is Unforgivable in San Antonio, Texas. This law is enforceable for men and women.

No Smartie Pants Allowed! Possessing the Encyclopedia Britannica!

Texas banned possessing the reference book set in light of the fact that a volume contains the formula for making beer. Since officials don't need home distilleries, bringing down their business. If found with one, you will incur fines or potentially prison time.

No Cheesy Recipes on Sunday!

It's against the law, in certain urban areas in Texas, to sell Limburger cheese on Sunday. I hear it’s because it’s quite stinky for the holy day!

No Plume Cleaning out in the open !

It is illegal to utilize a feather duster to tidy any Texas public structure. It's hazy whether it's the plume duster or the demonstration of tidying that is unlawful.

Courteous Criminal Activity

Those intending to carry out a wrong doing in Texas are legally bound to furnish their casualties with 24 hours composed or verbal notification to their target. Seriously, you have to notify your victim that you’ll be on your way! The law was injected on the books in an effort to diminish wrong doing or better yet prepare to arm the victim.

Wedding Chimes 3 Times

Texas is a customary marriage state. They operate by Common Law. Hence, two consenting adults (who are more than 18, unmarried and aren't blood related) are legitimately hitched in the eyes of the law as long as they recite it to the world openly and out loud three times.

No sitting on the walkway

In Galveston, you can be fined $500 for sitting on the walkway or any public sidewalk.

No Thigh Highs for these Eyes

In Dennison and Bristol, Texas, it is unlawful to show your stockings. The punishment is as long as a year in prison. I wonder if sheer leggings count?


No vehicle without a physical driver may surpass 60 miles per hour. In any case, what's this mean for self-driving vehicles? How do they get their license anyways? Will they get ticketed for driving too slow on the freeway?

In Carmel, it is unlawful to remain on the walkway with frozen yogurt. Which means you basically can’t even eat ice cream on the sidewalk.

In Eureka, men with mustaches can't kiss a lady. A nearby razor organization must've been overjoyed when this came to law. I wonder if go-tees count?

In Carmel, ladies are needed to have a license to wear heels. That is if the heel is over 2 inches tall. This law was composed to safeguard the city from claims over mishaps occurring on the unpredictable asphalt, or people’s inability to walk. Don’t worry Fashionistas the local police usually don’t prosecute on this one.

In San Francisco and Long Beach, it is unlawful to store something besides cars in a carport. It's a law that habitually gets broken.

Property holders, and homeowners who have Christmas lights on their homes past February 2, are liable for fines of up to $250 for being tacky.

In Blythe, you are only privileged to wear cowboy boots, if you actually own two cows or more. You can’t fake it until you make it on this one.

You may not chase moths under streetlights in Los Angeles.

In San Francisco, any individual declared legally "Ugly" may not lawfully stroll down any road. This is otherwise called the Ugly law and was proclaimed into law as of 1867 when it was considered illegal for "any individual, who is physically unhealthy, grotesquely injured, damaged or distorted in any capacity, or was considered unattractive in those times, could not be seen in public. Hence, the Circus was born!

It is illegal to have multiple cats or dogs in San Jose. The rule is actually no more than two. I wonder what the bounty is for reporting this one, as I feel at least half of society breaks this rule.

For more Weird laws or to request them from your state-comment below.

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