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The Vampire King

Man Charged With 9 Counts Of Murder & 14 Counts Of Rape and molestation

The Vampire King

Marcus Wesson, a mass murderer, was a leader of a new religion based on christianity and vampirism. He became known as the Vampire King of Fresno.

After serving in the military as an ambulance driver, Marcus moved in with a woman named Rosemary Solorio and her children from a previous relationship.

He and Rosemary eventually had a child together but before long, Marcus strayed to Rosemary's daughter, Elizabeth who was eight years old at the time.

Marcus married Elizabeth in 1974 when she turned 14 and he 27. After awhile they had 10 babies. One died as an infant.

Getting by with welfare, food stamps, and the children dupster diving for food, Marcus would move his family around california living in tents, on boats, shacks, trailers, and different houses.

The clan included 16 children with the addition of neices and nephews from his wife's sister. Marcus took care of the children's education by teaching the girls sexual techniques and gave them responsibilities of washing his dreadlocks and scratching his head and armpits.

Instruction in oral sex begin when the girls were at the age eight or nine. The girls would later testify that he married his daughters, Kiani and Sebhrenah Wesson and would later have babies with them. Nieces Ruby Ortiz and Sofina Solorio also carried his children.

Marcus allowed the girls to work once they were old enough but kept the clan under control through fear and violence. He taught them that nothing was more important than them staying together, not even life itself. He preached that the police were devils in disguise and suicide was an acceptable way to escape them.

As the children grew older, several of them grew out of the religion and no longer wanted to be apart of the clan. Two of the neices ran away.

On March 12th 2014, they returned with the intention of retrieving their children. Marcus refused and it led to a big fight outside of the house. Ruby and Sofina eventually called the police for help.

When the police arrived, Marcus told the police to wait and went into the house as if he were going to hand over the children. Marcus had other plans, he appeared at the door again with his clothes covered in blood.

Marcus Wesson had killed nine of his children.

He was later found guilty of nine counts of murder and 14 counts of rape and molestation. He was sentenced to death.

Marcus Wesson had surviving children who struggled, but went on to live their lives.

For the full story and documentary please check out the books and netflix special listed below.

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