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The Trial of Kendra Adams

by Josaline Radley 10 months ago in fiction
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Chapter one

The Trial of Kendra Adams
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Chapter One

“Who’s that?”

A beautiful woman with cafe au lait skin walked in the room. She set her briefcase down and began talking to Giordan. I studied her closely. Her long hair was in a sleek ponytail and she wore a black and beige dress that frilled in the middle and accentuated her coke bottle figure. She had big brown eyes that were supported with thick false lashes. Her lips were very full and were lined with brown liner and coated with clear gloss. I recognized that technique because My sister had shown me years ago.

“That is Grace De LaRue. They call her “Amazing Grace” because she’s never lost a case. Don’t let her looks fool you, she's a hardass and it’s very hard to get on her good side, believe me I’ve tried.”

Daniel frowned and I wondered how hard she had turned him down.

Grace’s lips were pursed and her eyebrow went up and she glanced over at me intently. I guessed Giordan was catching her up on everything and I sighed, putting my face in my hands.

“I didn’t do it.”

I say mostly to myself

“Well if that’s the case, we can all go home.”

A sharp but musical voice said next to me. My nose was filled with the smell of vanilla and it was kind of comforting.

“Hello Kendra. My name is Grace and I will be your lawyer. I’ve heard a lot about you but I’d rather hear the situation from you.”

She sat down next to me and crossed her legs. The beige and red bottom shoes she wore were kind of tall and made me think that she was probably really short.

“ My name is Kendra Adams and I was framed for murder by my ex boyfriend Tracy Jones”

I take a deep breath and continued

He was cheating on me and the other woman, Tania Brewer, contacted me and told me what was going on...I know it sounds weird but we developed a friendship. She told me she never wanted to see him again and promised that she didn’t even know about me. Things were going fine until Tania and I started receiving threatening calls and text messages from Tracy, which I still have today. Deciding it was not a good idea to be alone, we took turns staying at each other’s apartments. It was so bad I purchased a gun! I truly believe that in those times we formed a strong bond. I learned a lot about her, and the things she could do.”

I paused and watched Grace adjust the recorder, her mouth curved ever so slightly.

What could she do?”

Giordan, my cousin and advisor, questioned as he sat next to Grace. Frowning, I felt tears form in my eyes. No matter how many times I repeated this story I was never mentally or physically prepared.

“ She was a Medium.”

“For crying out loud! Really? That’s what you're going with?”

Daniel said disgustedly. He was a trainee lawyer and I honestly did not care for anything he had to say at this point.

“ Mr. Braves I will ask you to behave yourself, or you may leave. Do I make myself clear?”

Grace placed a hand up to silence him.

“You may continue Kendra.”

“Well like I said, Tania confided in me that she was a medium. She saw spirits and communicated with them via dreams. After the calls and texts stopped, Tania told me it was okay to sleep by ourselves. I was sleeping at my sister, Kennadie’s house when I got a call from her saying that he was coming for her. I quickly sped over there but I was too late. Tania was dead in her room with a gun laying next to her. The police showed up and I told them what happened. A few days later I noticed my gun was missing and it just so happened I received a visit from Mr. Richardson. He told me that he was a detective and that I was a suspect in the murder. Of course it was absurd…I think I began to love her, how could I kill her? Detective Richardson shrugged and called it a crime of passion. I told him if he didn’t have a warrant then we had no reason to speak and immediately called Giordan. That’s when I noticed a thick envelope, addressed to me from Tania, sitting on my kitchen counter. It was dated three days prior to Tania’s death.”

Giordan brought the letter from his briefcase and handed it to Grace who looked slightly amused.


About the author

Josaline Radley

Writing is my passion, live in the worlds I create.

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