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The Last Day of J $tash

by Skyler Saunders 17 days ago in celebrities

Rapper dies in apparent murder-suicide

Photograph by: Alan Cleaver

In most cases, the streets gotta eat in hip hop. With the apparent murder-suicide of twenty-eight year old rapper J $tash and a twenty-seven year old female, it is a domestic violence nightmare. This American tragedy took place in Los Angeles while the children of the woman remained in the house.

The grim outline of an argument, or some kind of altercation may have prompted $tash to fatally wound the woman, and end his own life. He had been signed to Rich the Kid and then ceased association with the rapper.

$tash and the woman have not been confirmed as being a romantic item, and investigators are continuing to look into the relationship. When the authorities arrived at the scene, they found the firearm next to $tash, and are still looking into the possibility of outside foul play.

Once the dust settles, and the facts roll in, law enforcement will be able to ask for any information stemming from the vicious attacks. When there is more knowledge to gather from the crime scene, officials will see why $tash ever allegedly raised a gun to the female victim and struck himself fatally.

Snitching still can be a means for understanding the situation, even though it seems like the aggressor eliminated himself. Any information that can explain why this terrible set of events transpired would be necessary.

To not bring closure, but to acquire the right amount of data to use to aid the families in knowing why this happened, police ought to do their level best to collect all the evidence. In time, the amount of domestic violence cases will continue to increase in this pandemic.

Hip Hop Police should be on this case simply because another rapper has chosen to take a life and his own, allegedly. If this was some kind of outside job made to look like a homicide, and a suicide, then the investigators should be ready to field any bits of truth about the matter.

J $tash won’t likely be remembered for his contributions to the hip hop world but for his horrific actions. It is not clear whether he had suffered from any mental illnesses, but with time, the facts will surface in regard to his background. The young female took the bullet, and left behind her three children possibly because of $tash’s inability to cope with the chemicals in his brain.

This is not to say everyone with a chemical imbalance in their head will end up doing the worst, but the reason why $tash could have carried out this heinous act was because of his mental instability.

Maybe money woes could have contributed to evil. He had no longer tied himself to Rich the Kid, and could have been desperate for cash at this point. A combination of psychosis and depressed funds may have coalesced to drive the young man to kill and commit suicide.

For issues like this, it is extremely sad for the surviving children who were not $tash’s. They will have to grow up without a mother because of the acts of a single wayward individual.

In hip hop, the only way for the males in the game to express themselves is through bloodshed. There may be some talk but when the shooter brandishes the pistol or rifle, then the safety is clicked off and the trigger is pulled.

Police can’t prevent all of these occurrences. They are there only to investigate, and deliver culprits into the hands of justice. It is the role of social workers and other professionals to stop these issues before they become topics of discussion on radio and splashed across screens.


Skyler Saunders

I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster from Delaware. Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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