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The Killer Who Looked As If Possessed By A Demon

by Heeta 4 months ago in investigation
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Case 2: A Police Officer And A Callous Killer

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Disclaimer: I tried my very best to provide you with a cohesive list of the sources I have used. The summary is an objective re-telling of facts, while the perception is my own subjective opinion of the case. So if you find this piece a bit repetitive, here's why.


Victim: Sherri Rasmussen

Perpetrator: Stephanie Lazarus

Relationship: Victim was the wife of the perpetrator's ex-lover/ex-boyfriend (John Ruetten)

Location: California, U.S.

Time Frame: 1986-2012


Stephanie Lazarus met John Ruetten in 1978 in UCLA. Both of them were fitness enthusiasts and later became friends with benefits. Later on, Stephanie went on to become a police officer while John became an electrical engineer.

It was in 1980s when John met nurse Sherri Rasmussen. They soon fell in love and became engaged. Stephanie took the news really hard, and begged John not to marry Sherri. This led to John and Stephanie having a one night stand. However, he still remained engaged to Sherri.

Stephanie tried to warn off Sherri, however Sherri forgave John and they later married in 1985. Within three months of the wedding, Sherri Rasmussen was found dead in the apartment that she shared with her husband.

Sherri's family suspected Stephanie's involvment in this. But because of her affliation with the LAPD the case was soon dismissed and dropped.

And this case went cold for twenty plus years. It was in 2009 when the case was re-opened. And it was in 2012 where 52 year old Stephanie Lazarus was sentenced to life in prison for 27 years.


I have seen a lot of cases about murder. But you know some cases you just tend to forget because it's no different than the other one. Or in some cases the criminals are more renowned (aka Ted Bundy) than others. Still on a subjective note some cases just stick to you more than others, and this is one of those for me.

And there's only one reason why. The ex-cop murderer looks as if she's possessed by a demon or an evil spirit. I mean of course, there has to be a scientific explanation for it. But every time I look at her picture, my generally non-existent religious side insidiously whispers about demons and souls and what not. Am I the only one?

Possessed or not, this ex-murderer cop is one of the most idiotic(and luckiest) murderers out there. The only reasonm she got away with this murder was not because she was smart enough to get away with one, but because she was lucky enough to be a police officer. Especially to be working in the very office that was 'investigating' this case. At least I beleive she was. And this chick did it for a guy who one, obviously wasn't that much into her, and two she didn't even end up with (which is a very good thing, still it makes you wonder at the point of it all).

And that note, charming Ruetten that was not only cheated on Sherri before they got married with the ex-cop murderer. But bright John that he was slept with the ex-cop after his wife was killed. I beleive he even called the LAPD to make "sure" ex-cop murderer didn't have anything to do with it before going on a trip (?) with her. Augh, this just makes me so sick and mad. I can't even.

And the murderer, before she got her comeuppance had climbed pretty high in her profession. Had a succesful marriage (seems like it) with someone from the same field.

The petty person in me is so glad that this corrupt devious indvidual will hopefully die in prison. That Sherri Rasmussen's parents saw their daughter have justice. But the fact that Sherri's parents were unable to sue the LAPD for 'their' mishandling of the case because of statute of limitations just galls me.


Cases like this make me wonder

  • Should cops be held at a higher responsibility for the crimes they commit, considering their duties and the knowledge of the job?
  • When dealing with a corrupt police department, where they are the reason a case went cold, should the statute of liberty even stand?
  • Overall, should police officers who commit felonies have a harsher penalty than a civilian?

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