The Horrifying Death of Junko Furuta

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This 17-year-old's death continues to haunt Japan.

The Horrifying Death of Junko Furuta

Junko Furuta's story begins in normalcy. She was a popular and pretty young girl preparing for her next step in life. She was close to graduating from high school, she had a part-time job, and she was likely to get a full-time position not soon after graduating high school.

Her horrific death begins when she denied a boy the chance to go out on a date with her. He had a crush on her, but the feeling wasn't reciprocated. No one denied this boy anything, because he was a low-ranking member of the Yazuka—a gang in Japan known for their violence and the tendency to fear them.

Him, and a few of his friends, decided to kidnap her and bring her to one of their houses. And despite Junko Furuta remaining in that household with the friend's family present, no one tried to stop what was happening. No one tried to save her, despite not being a secret to so many people.

For the following forty-four days, Furuta would be horribly tortured by these classmates. She was raped and sodomized with various objects, including having lit firecrackers inserted into her. They would go off and cause trauma. The teenagers would use her as a punching bag and drop weights on her, causing vast internal damage.

At one point word got out that her parents were looking for her. The perpetrators forced her to call her parents and let them know that she was alright. As time went on, it was harder to pretend that she was just a girl that was staying at the house. Even when it became clear that she was being tortured and raped by the alleged Yazuka members, no one stepped in because they were afraid of what snitching on a Yazuka member would lead to.

As a result of that, Junko Furuta tried to save herself. She tried to call the police but was found before she could say anything. She was set on fire as a result of trying to get away, as well as being sodomized by a bottle. These two traumas caused for her to have a seizure. But that wasn't the end. Somehow, this young girl managed to survive until January 4, 1989.

She won a game of Mahjong against the teenagers. They tortured her further, and with the trauma that had already been put on her body, she ended up passing away. They deposited her inside of a 55 gallon drum of cement and probably would have gotten away with her murder.

However, two members of this gang were arrested and questioned about the rape of another woman. They assumed the police were asking questions about Junko Furuta; so they confessed. This led to the end of a case that hadn't even been open.

Four of the boys that had been involved with the rape, torture, and murder of Junko Furuta were arrested and sentenced to jail. But due to Japan's sentencing, they have since been released from jail. They have not cleaned up their act. One even used money that his parents had set aside for Junko Furuta's family in order to make reparations to get drunk and buy expensive items.

Junko Furuta's funeral was a peaceful one, with people finally knowing and understanding why she had disappeared. She was presented with her high school diploma, a friend even commenting to say that they all got to graduate together. She was also given the uniform she would have received if she had been given the chance to become a full-time employee.

The author is ending this article with a warning that there are several disturbing and disgusting manga strips about what happened to Junko, all of which are guro and sexualize what happened.

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