'The Frankenstein Chronicles' Review

by Nancy D 2 years ago in tv review

It’s pretty good.

'The Frankenstein Chronicles' Review

If you like dark stories, blood, gore, diseases, and easy streaming ... then The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix is right for you.

I just started watching the second season and I have to say that so far it's pretty good. The reason I started watching it is because Sean Bean is in it, and he does an amazing job! In fact, the majority of the acting absolutely phenomenal.

There are two short seasons on Netflix with only six episodes each, but the episodes are 45 minutes long ... so it helps balance out the lack of episodes.

If you don't know yet, The Frankenstein Chronicles is roughly based on the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelly ... in fact they have Mary Shelly in the TV show as a character.

Without giving any big spoilers, I'm going to give a little summary of the plot to help you decide if you're going to watch it. First of all the show is based in the 1800s, completely different sense of fashion back then. It follows the main character John Marlott (Sean Bean) who finds a weird body on beach while working as some kind shore guard. The hand grabs at John leaving his stunned and confused ... then the body simply remains dead. The coroner says that the body found on the beach was a collection of body parts from eight young girls. So, being an amazing Sean Bean-like main character, John sets of to find out who this body hacker is with his trusted assistant, Nightingale. I can't really say anymore without getting too close to spoilers, but obviously in search for this killer brings adventure, excitement, and lots of death.

Since The Frankenstein Chronicles is a Netflix Original, it really gives me hope for future Netflix original shows, there really seems to be a lot of funding available for them ... and that makes me super excited for future Netflix originals.

The scenes involving common diseases in that time keep me intrigued and always wanting to watch more. The philosophy on mortality is also a very intriguing reason to watch, however, it's the same questions on mortality that come with Mary Shelly's original Frankenstein.

Some pros I have about this show are that the costumes are amazing and the set is pretty good. I really like the pretty faces to look at, not just the women but Sean Bean's too! However, it has a couple cons as well .. the show has a really slow start, despite the efforts put in to make a dead girl/action hook right in the beginning. If you're really going to give this show a try you have to watch a couple episodes before it gets any good .. which is like two hours of pure watch time. Also, since the show is based on a super long time ago, there aren't really a lot of flashy colours and overall the show isn't visually stimulating.

It also doesn't pass the Bechdel test which disappoints me.. it does however, have a couple of strong female characters .. so if you are an avid feminist, it is still worth the watch.

Overall, my rating for Netflix's The Frankenstein's Chronicles is good enough. I wouldn't watch it if it wasn't on Netflix, but I feel like it's giving me my need for dark content while I wait for the last season of Game of Thrones to come out. Also, it has Sean Bean in it!

I would only recommend this show to people who are already like really dark shows ...

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