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The Exorcism Mu-rder of 13-Month-Old Amora Bain Carson

Amora suffered horrifically during a 30-hour "exorcism"

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On December 2, 2008, at 10:51 a.m. 911 dispatchers received a disturbing call. “My name is Blaine Milam and my daughter, I just found her dead,” the caller said.

Authorities found baby Amora Bain Carson deceased inside Milam’s trailer in Texas that he shared with Amora’s mom, Jesseca Carson. Blaine was not Amora’s biological father but told officials he “raised that baby.”

Amora had been severely beaten, strangled, se-xually mutilated, and had 24 human bite marks covering her entire body in what the medical examiner called the worst case of brutality he had ever seen.

Jesseca Met Blaine Shortly After Amora’s Birth

Amora was born on November 12, 2007. Her father, Arlene Mutina, served in the Army, so was not actively involved in her life. He saw Amora only a handful of times before her death.

Jessece met Blaine and moved in together in an apartment in Longwood, Texas. Blaine quickly showed an angry, jealous, controlling side. He controlled Jesseca’s every move and forced her to cut off contact with family.

After moving in together, Jesseca decided she wanted to communicate with her deceased father. He committed suicide when she was 10 years old; Jesseca found his body hanging.

The Ouji board told her that her mom had actually killed her dad, Jesseca claimed.

She also claimed the Ouji board had possessed the apartment with demons -and inflicted her and Blaine. Content written by Criminal Matters. She relayed her feelings to Blaine and he agreed.

Jesseca and Blaine moved out of the apartment into a trailer in nearby Tatum, Texas. The landlord at the apartment reported that he found the place in utter filth. Among the items strewn about the apartment was a light bulb used to smoke crystal meth.

In the new trailer home, Blaine began to feel as if demons had also possessed Amora. He said she walked strangely when the demons possessed her. Blaine then claimed God told him to perform an exorcism on the toddler. Jesseca agreed.

The Exorcism of Amora Bain

Jesseca sat in her bedroom watching TV as Blaine began the exorcism. She heard her daughter yelp agonizing screams, yet never attempted to help her.

Blaine walked into the bedroom at one point and told Jesseca that Amora had beaten herself in the head with a hammer, bit his hand, run away from him, and hid under the bed.

The exorcism didn’t work, so Blaine decided to hire a priest to perform an exorcism. Problem was, the couple didn't have any money.

Amora, Jesseca, and Blaine drove to a pawn shop to score cash to pay the priest.

The plan to hire a priest didn’t work as they hoped.

Blaine told Jesseca he would sell his soul to the devil to save Amora. She pleaded with Blaine, finally telling him she would rather sacrifice Amora than him.

They returned to the trailer and Blaine continued his exorcism well into the night.

Authorities Respond to 911 Call

Paramedics found a gruesome scene inside the trailer. Blood spatter covered Amora’s crib, diapers, clothing, and the wall. She had bruises and bite marks on her body.

Authorities transported Blaine and Jesseca to headquarters for interrogation. Both claimed they had left Amora alone in the trailer while they went out. Content written by Criminal Matters. They found Amora deceased when they returned, leading them to suspect someone had broken into the home and killed the toddler.

Police weren’t buying the story.

A Shocking Confession

Hours into the interrogation, Jesseca admitted Blaine had killed Amora during a 30-hour exorcism while she cowered in a bedroom. Jesseca and Blaine were charged with capital murder.

Searching the trailer, investigators found physical evidence including a tube of Astroglide beside Amora’s crib, bloodied diapers and clothing, and blood spatter on the walls. DNA testing later confirmed the blood was Amora’s.

Blaine’s sister visited him while he was in jail. He asked her to remove physical evidence tying him to Amora’s death from the trailer. She instead notified the police. She provided information that led detectives to a bloodied pipe wrench sealed in a plastic bag hidden inside a hole in the floor of the couple’s bedroom.

The autopsy revealed the true extent of depravity of Amora’s murder, and the extreme pain and horror she endured during the final hours of her life.

Her eyes bled from the inside. She suffered 18 rib fractures, a torn liver, and a traumatic brain injury. Her limbs had been twisted in two, and her torso struck or squeezed until her sternum and ribs broke. Amora sustained extreme trauma to her gen-italia. The damage was so severe that her vag-ina and an-us became one opening.

Forensic testing found Astroglide on the clothing and diaper Amora wore, as well as on the pipe wrench authorities recovered with help from Blaine’s sister.

All of the injuries occurred while Amora was alive.

A Convicted Sex Offender Jail Escapee

As the investigation continued, it was revealed that Blaine should have been in jail when he killed Amora -and that he was a sex offender who was forbidden from being around children.

Blaine broke into a neighbor’s home. He did not take money or valuables. Instead, Blaine cut out pornographic magazine photos and wrote on them the name of the neighbor’s 13-year-old daughter, with se-xually explicit comments detailing what he would like to do to her. Blaine was convicted of a felony, sentenced to 180 days in jail, and required to register as a sex offender.

While in custody, Blaine walked away from work duty one day and never returned to jail. Authorities did not put much effort into finding the abscondee. If they had, perhaps baby Amora would be alive today.

Blaine met Jesseca and the couple began their lives together.

Blaine Milam and Jesseca Carson Convicted of Amora’s Death

Jesseca admitted her role in Amora’s death. She testified against Blaine at his trial and is serving life without parole at the William P. Hobby Unit in Marlin, TX.

At Blaine’s trial, Shirly Broyles, a nurse at the Rusk County Jail, testified that Blaine told her,

“I’m going to confess. I did it. But Ms. Shirley, the Blaine you know did not do this. My dad told me to be a man, and I’ve been reading my Bible. Please tell Jesseca [Amora’s mother] that I love her.”

Blaine was sentenced to death. His execution, originally scheduled to occur on January 21, 2021, has twice been postponed after the U.S. Supreme Court granted Milan Stays of Execution based on his potential intellectual disability.

Rest Easy, beautiful Amora.


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