The Double Life of David Meza

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His fiancee knew him as the father-to-be of her unborn child, his boyfriend knew him as a gay porn star, and a sugar baby.

The Double Life of David Meza

Most porn stars live a double life. They have an identity or name used for on-camera work, and another one for their 'real' life. For instance, Stormy Daniels is the porn star that is a thorn in Donald Trump's side, Stephanie Clifford is the real-life counterpart. Confusing? It should be. Porn stars want to retain a certain amount of anonymity. David Meza was no different, though he had more than one secret identity. He appeared in scenes for Sean Cody and Mormon Boyz as Mario Romo, Francisco, and Gonzalez. The secret identities didn't stop at having multiple stage names though, Meza was hiding secrets from nearly everyone in his life.

The Pregnant Fiancee

Taylor Langston thought she had won the boyfriend lottery when she and Meza began dating. He was sweet, attentive, and always seemed to have money. Not to mention he was good looking, and dynamite in bed. Everything seemed to be going well for them, and when she discovered she was pregnant, it was the icing on the fairy tale cake for her. Life couldn't get any better.

It's amazing that Langston, who from all sources is pretty astute at sizing people up and intelligent, didn't notice that something was off with the man she agreed to marry. Yet, even with him disappearing for days at a time, she never thought anything of it. And for someone who didn't have a 'regular' job, Meza always having money should have sent red flags flying to her. It didn't.

The Millionaire Boyfriend

Jake Merendino inherited money from his parents and had taken to investing it wisely. He also loved to lavish his friends, and his boyfriend with money, and other expensive gifts. When he was around, everyone had a good time, and smiles abounded. With Meza, Merendino thought he had found the man he would marry, and spend a lifetime of happiness with.

Nevermind that Merendino found Meza on an escort site, and their relationship started as a sexual transaction. It was love. Or so Merendino told his friends, when they questioned him about the fast pace the relationship was moving. Many of the friends thought Meza was a gold digger, and only with the older man because he had money to spare. When Merendino bought a condo and had Meza's name on the title as well, his friends became more convinced they were right.

The Murder

Police found Meredino's dead body on May 2, 2015. They followed a trail of blood and intestines, from his Range Rover, to the bottom of a ravine. Bud Merendino, a cousin of Jake's, said: “We thought it was maybe over money, and someone tried to rob him." That was part of the motive, but as the truth began to unfold, there were several revelations that shook everyone involved.

Meza roped Langston into the mess, by asking her to cover for him. When asked by the police if Meza was with her the night of the murder, she said yes. No one is quite sure why she readily lied for her would be husband, other than she was in love with him, and thought she was doing the right thing. But as she was about to learn, there was more to the story than she was being told.

The Truth Comes Out

Among the revelations was the fact that Meza appeared in gay porn, and worked as an escort for other men. Don Levine, Langston's lawyer, said his client had no idea Meza jumped on the peen for money, “She thought this was the love of her life, her forever partner. She had no idea he was prostituting himself, or starring in gay porn films.” While some don't believe it, there are reasons to give her the benefit of doubt. The jury didn't, and she pleaded guilty to lying to police, and obstructing an investigation. Levine also dropped this bomb about Meza, “There was physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.” The fairy tale Langston once thought she had, took a dark turn.

Meza claims to be innocent of murdering Merendino, but did say that he lured his boyfriend to the Mexican border, in an effort to rob him, and go to the condo they had purchased, and steal the older man's stereo system. This was after he dragged his other partner, Langston, into his circle of deceit, and watched as his story came apart, faster than his legs in the porn clips, he is so well known for.

The Motive

Why would Meza kill someone who lavished him with gifts and gave him whatever he wanted? The answer is simple, he wanted it all. Merendino had made his lover the sole beneficiary to his fortune, and the condo would be paid off, in the event of his death. With a baby on the way, this gave Meza plenty of reason to want to get rid of the man he was having sex with regularly. Some have wondered if Merendino was still paying him, but the only one who can answer that is Meza.

And after being convicted of one count of interstate or foreign domestic violence resulting in murder, and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice, he isn't talking to anyone. A Judge sentenced him to life in prison for the murder of Merendino. It remains to be seen whether he will get parole, and what he would do if he ever gets out of prison. Perhaps another double life?

Edward Anderson
Edward Anderson
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