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The Camel and the Fox

ATale of Friendship and Lessons

By Salman PakiPublished 25 days ago 3 min read

### The Camel and the Fox: A Tale of Friendship and Consequences

The camel and the fox were very good friends and notorious thieves. One day, they decided to cross the river to reach a nearby farm where they could steal food. The small fox couldn’t swim, so the camel said, “Climb up onto my back, and I will swim across the river.”

The fox climbed up, and the strong camel swam across to the other side. Once they crossed the river, they made their way to the farm. Upon arrival, the fox caught a chicken, while the camel dug up some fresh vegetables.

The greedy fox quickly devoured her chicken and then declared, “When I finish eating, I like to sing.”

“Do not sing just yet,” said the camel, still chewing on his vegetables. “I haven’t finished eating. If you sing now, the farmer will hear you. Let me finish first, and then you can sing as we head home.”

But the fox ignored her friend and began to sing loudly. The farmer soon heard the singing and came running out with a large stick.

“I’ll teach you to steal from me!” the angry farmer shouted.

The nimble fox ran away quickly, but the slow camel, still eating, didn’t see the farmer until it was too late. The farmer beat the camel with his stick, inflicting many blows on his legs and back before the camel managed to escape.

When the camel finally reached the river, his bones ached, and he was very upset with the fox.

“Why did you sing when you knew the farmer would hear you and I was still eating?” the camel asked.

“It’s my custom,” replied the fox matter-of-factly. “Now let me climb onto your back so we can return home across the river.”

The camel walked slowly to the riverbank, entered the water, and began to swim across with the fox on his back. When they were halfway across, where the water was deepest and the current fastest, the camel stopped swimming and said, “After eating, I always take a bath.”

“Don’t take a bath!” pleaded the fox. “I can’t swim, and if you do, I’ll drown!”

“I’m sorry,” said the camel, “but it’s my custom.”

With that, the camel lowered his back into the deep water until the fox lost her grip and began to splash helplessly in the fast current.

“Help me!” cried the desperate fox. “I’m drowning!”

The camel asked, “Are you sorry for being so selfish and causing me to be beaten by the farmer?”

“Yes, yes, I’m truly sorry!” cried the fox just before her head disappeared beneath the water again.

The camel didn’t have the heart to let his friend drown, so he pulled the fox out of the water and placed her back on his back. Then he swam the rest of the way across the river and climbed up the bank onto the warm grass.

The fox realized her selfishness and said, “I’m so sorry for what I did. I promise you can trust me forever.”

“And I’m sorry I had to teach you a lesson today, but sometimes in life, it’s a case of tit for tat,” said the camel.

The two friends laughed and rolled around in the warm grass as the sunshine dried their wet fur. The fox had learned a valuable lesson that day: it’s not good to betray a friend, and if you wrong someone, they might well wrong you in return. Indeed, it was a lesson of tit for tat.

The story highlights the importance of respecting and considering the needs and circumstances of others. The fox’s decision to sing despite the camel’s request not to showed a lack of consideration, which led to negative consequences for the camel. Respecting others' wishes and situations is crucial in maintaining healthy relationships.

Effective communication and cooperation are vital for achieving common goals. The camel and the fox’s failure to cooperate and communicate properly led to a dangerous situation. When working together, it’s important to listen to and understand each other’s needs and plans.


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Comments (10)

  • Maryam19 days ago

    U can never win with your selfish desires.. good lesson

  • T. Licht20 days ago

    Great lessons!

  • It very bad to betray someone

  • Gstarzy24 days ago

    This story beautifully illustrates the consequences of impatience and the importance of cooperation.

  • Shamsain24 days ago

    Say No to selfishness

  • N.I.B.24 days ago

    Significance of communication 👌

  • Shounerh24 days ago

    Cooperation is the cornerstone of progress and unity. Together, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone. Let's work hand in hand to build a better future for everyone.

  • Abuh Dzahab24 days ago

    Life lessons, amazing

  • Xeexarh~25 days ago

    Communication is key!

  • Dee Menorah 25 days ago

    I love the story 👍never be selfish

Salman PakiWritten by Salman Paki

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