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The Brutal Murder Case In Bangladesh

Shibli Sadiq Murder Case | Bangladesh में हुए ख़ौफनाक कांड की पूरी कहानी || बांग्लादेश हत्याकांड

By Iam HassanPublished 19 days ago 3 min read
Bangladesh Brutal Murder

A case from the history of Bangladesh that, upon hearing it, How can someone commit such a great atrocity as to cook and eat human flesh

There was a boy named Shibili Sadiq who lived in Bangladesh. His family was very poor, and he wanted to help them by earning money. He starts working at a poultry farm where he works very hard. The owner of the poultry farm likes shibili Sadiq work a lot. There are also 5 other people working there who are 26 years old, while Shibli Sadiq is only 19 years old.

One day, the owner of the poultry farm makes Shibli Sadiq the manager, and he becomes very happy. After this, his other friends, who were older than Shibli, started to feel jealous that a younger boy would be giving them orders. One day, Shibli's mother receives a phone call in which Shibli Sadiq tells his mother, "Some people have kidnapped me. They will kill me. Please save me, Mom.

Shibli Sadiq's mother gets scared, and then the call also gets disconnected. 28 September 2023, she receives another call. This call is not from Shibli, but from the kidnappers who have kidnapped Shibli. The kidnappers demand 1.5 million rupees, knowing that Shibli's mother cannot fulfill this demand because she is poor. Shibli's mother cries and begs them to release her son, but they do not let him go. Finally, they agree to 200,000 rupees, saying, "Give us 200,000 rupees and take Shibli.

Shibli's father takes 200,000 rupees to the place where the kidnappers had called him. The kidnappers take the money and tell Shibli's father, "Go home, your son has reached home. But he doesn't come home. Shibli's father becomes very worried because he has already given the money to the kidnappers, yet they haven't released his son.

Shibli's parents go to the police and tell them everything, that their son has been kidnapped by the kidnappers who have also taken 200,000 rupees from them, but they haven't released their son. After hearing everything, the police register an FIR and start searching for Shibli. They go to the poultry farm and also question his friends who are working with him there. One day, a man finds a body at a certain location and calls the police. The police arrive there, collect the remains, and conduct a post-mortem, which reveals that the body belongs to a 19-year-old boy.

The police become suspicious that the body could belong to Shibli, so they conduct DNA testing. Indeed, the body turns out to be Shibli's. After this, Shibli's parents cry a lot and urge the police to catch his killer. The police interrogate Shibli's friends rigorously, and eventually, one of the men among them confesses that they all conspired together to kill Shibli and dispose of his body by eating it.

The police arrested all the murderers and put them in jail, but what was the fault of Shibli's parents? What was Shibli's fault that he had to endure all this? Was it Shibli's mistake that he wanted to help his parents, or was it the fault of Shibli's parents who allowed him to work at such a young age?

When I studied this case, I was deeply disturbed that friends could do such a thing. I hope you liked the way I narrated the story. Please follow me, and if you want to watch videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Take care of yourself and your families. See you with a new story.

Always make good friends who can help you in times of trouble, not those who become trouble for you themselves.

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