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The bender family lived together and killed together.

Kate Bender

By Lesedi MolutsiPublished 25 days ago 4 min read

While some children are forced to murder by their parents others are ready and willing to kill. For the family on the prairies of Kansas in the 1870s, passing travelers stopped to see a Wild West Medicine Show. The frontier men are mesmerised by a beautiful young woman who offers spiritual cures for earthly ills. Kate Bender was a very pretty woman. It's been said that she had lips. She was around five six and a very slender woman She had quite a bit of class. She wasn't like most of the women here in the prairie area. She was very outspoken and quite the talker. She did seances, maybe she would laugh and flirt through this kind of thing. She was a lure.

Kate Bender is a lure for a deadly family. The Bender's might be America's first serial killer family. The Bender's live out on the frontier trail. While pioneers head west to seek their fortunes the Bender's are making their own opportunities. They're simple cottage doubles as a general store and an inn. They had the store and they had the table where they fed people. If somebody stayed overnight they had a straw mattress that they put in there, even if a passing traveler hasn't seen Kate's Medicine Show, he will soon fall under her spell. Gorgeous but Kate's eyes are only for his money. Kate was very talkative, very provocative and she would engage all the travelers in conversations after they have analysed that they are worthwhile robbing or not.

Frontier travelers were enticing prey, people came with large sums of money but two thousand dollars was a large sum of money in those days, to buy either a claim or to buy cattle and chickens or whatever to homestead. If Kate decides the man looks wealthy enough he'll be invited in for a meal. Inside the Bender there's a special feature, they had a canvas wagon top they hung across the room to divide the public area from their living quarters, that wagon sheet is the key to a gruesome plan. He'd put him in front of a chair that was pushed up against a canvas and I can actually visualize her coming very sexy. Kate bender’s smile is a final distraction.

As her brother Baloo lies behind the sheet, the visitors who visited the Benders were killed by a blow in the back of the head. Then Kate would slit their throats. I don't think anyone was safe when Katie was around. If Katie wanted something from them, she was going to get it, no one stood in her way. The American Wild West travelers are disappearing after spending a night with Kate bender and her deadly family. The general lawlessness of the frontier made it possible for the Benders to commit these crimes and get away with it. The bender family lived together and killed together.

The dynamics of a crime family are interesting in that being a member of a group committing a crime makes it easier to commit that crime. They're all in it together. As settlers travel west to America's new frontier, the bender family are laying in wait. Their motive for killing people was money. They were careful to kill people who were not from close around. So they would not go missing. The Bender's targets are wealthy Outsiders. They would stop halfway between Fort Scott and independence and spend the night, if they appeared to have money. They didn't ever leave ten strangers have gone missing. On the trail it passes the Bender's, the latest visitor is a return guest, Dr. William York.

Like many frontier men Dr. York is infatuated with Kate Bender. This time the bender family has made a big mistake, Dr. York was their undoing because he wasn't from far away, and the others were. He left behind traces. After Dr. York disappeared, his brother started searching around and following his trail and the trail ended at the Benders. His brother was Colonel York who had been in the Civil War. He was a civil war colonel who had recently become a Kansas State Senator and Colonel York was a man of action. Colonel York rides up searching for his brother, he comes face-to-face with a dangerous killer.

The idea that a woman would be involved in conning and luring men to their death, to their murder clearly points to sociopathy. I'm looking for my brother his name is William York. Kate thought she was gonna get caught, that's exhibited by the fact that they repeated the same crime over and over and over. However, eventually things got too hot for them and they left, they packed up quickly, they took off. Already suspicious, the locals noticed the inn is abandoned so they decided to meet together. On the property the men discovered the smell of death, so they started looking.

A couple of the men were disgusted and they got up and sat in their buggy looking against the Sun and saw a depression in the grass. The depression was where there were some graves. They told all the farmers to bring plows and shovels picks. They started digging and they found doctor York's body first, almost decapitated because Kate was always given credit for slitting the throats from ear to ear. The Bender's land is a secret graveyard. They found 11 bodies all together. People were furious, they realized that the Bender's were behind the missing people. People who were hunting the Bender's, they took off in all these different directions but they were too long gone. To this day no one knows what became of Kate and her family. They've gone down in history as America's first family of serial killers. There's an excellent chance that when the benders relocated, wherever it was, they resume the activity possibly on a smaller scale to avoid detection. People that do this kind of thing especially for profit rarely stop unless they're stopped by the police.

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