Street Ties

Volume 2: Family Structure

Street Ties
The Real Messiah, Caixren (Ky-ren), and Ceauxlby (Colby)

Woo said, "Messiah, he doesn't have nothing to do with it, so I guess, now you out of 4 birds an 4 stacks."

Messiah gave Caixren a disgruntled look. "Caixren, I tell you what, make sure you take care of this, and bring me back my damn refund! Oh yea, fix up a whole thang (a kilo of cocaine). Say Woo, grab that thang (a kilo of cocaine) then we can bounce. While y'all doin that, I'm goin to wash up. I got this fool blood all over me."

Caixren didn't care about Lo and Murda at all. They were just a couple of young teenagers that he used to do his dirty work. Who would of thought they would have enough balls to try to get one over on him.

Caixren told Woo, "Vinni wa (come see)!" and uncocked his gun. Woo kept his 9 mm cocked just in case some more shit came about. As they were walking, Caixren asked Woo, "Twa parlè kréyol (Do You speak Creole??)?" Woo said, "Wé m'ap un thorough bred en Messiah çe moi frær mo jish been away twa, komen alon asté twa té konné Messiah? (Yea I'm a thorough bred and Messiah is my brother. I've just been away. Now, how about you? How long you knew Messiah)?"

"Ok, Big dawg, mo té tendé pròsh twa (I heard about you) I've been running with my boy, Messiah, for a minute. I should owe him my life after everything that he has done for me, but every since he helped me out of my jammy, that has been my brother. He showed me the difference between living and surviving, and we been gettin' bread every since!"

Woo threw a 1/2 grin on, and said, "Ok bet bet mé jish trouvé en mô gwo frær? Messiah yelled, "Come on, Woo, let's bounce, Round. We can get back on route."

Caixren walked Messiah and Woo to the front door, and when they reached the door, Messiah looked at Woo and handed him his keys. He said, "Let me holla at my boy real quick." Woo gave a head nod and began to walk towards the car, "Ok bet!" Messiah turned to Caixren, "I don't even want to know what happened with this, but this is what causes wars in the streets! We need to be a lot more careful, Caixren! He threw his fist out for a fist bump. Now, we gotta take a road trip at the end of the week. We are picking up a shipment but I will get with you by the end of the week on all of the details." Caixren threw his fist out to fist bump back, "I really don't know what happen but believe me, I will handle this damn problem!" Messiah gives Caixren a look of assurance and tells him that he will bark at him later.

When Messiah reach the car, Woo tried to hand him a Louis Vuitton bag. Messiah waved it off, "Naw, dawg, that's for you. Thanks for looking out. I can't believe I let a couple of stupid kids slip in my trap." Woo shook his head. "This type of stuff happens, bruh. Just keep yo shit tight, famiy. I remember tellin' mamma that I will always look after you, so when I see things that don't add up, it's my job to subtract them!" Messiah knodded, Woo, you know I always looked up to you. I even run my business on the count on how I saw you coming up. Do you remember when we were in St. Bernard Project. Some dude had flipped out on that raw. I had to have been around 6 or 7 years old. He started threatening me and he actually looked like he was really gonna hit me." Messiah shook his head and smiled, "Man, I don't know where in the hell you came from." They started laughing. Woo said, "Yeah, I remember that. I beat the hell out of that dude with a bat. If he wasn't sober, I bet he prayed he was so his ass could have got away! Or how about Kevin Fontenot when he took my 1st pack?" Messiah and Woo started laughing. Woo said, "When I came around that corner, Kevin was so spooked, I think he gave you your zone back. Messiah said, "Hell yeah, and mô larjen (money). Messiah was doubled over in laughter, "That's why I look up to you, bruh, plus mamma loved you to death." Woo's face grew serious, "Yeah, I was torn up when she died."

"She looked at you like her real son. "

"I know she did."

"When I lost both of y'all, I felt so alone, but I been a leader. I remembered what you told and showed me an boss all the way up. I also remember what mamma always said 'Zòt çe tou zòt komensé.. (yall is all yall got)'" Woo said, "Mè li té konné mo té ap kouri a protéjé twa jish li did moi (but she knew i was going to protect you just like she did me when my mamma/dad died) but look at you asté (now)", with a grin, "you the big man and just think you ain't done getting knowledge. I still got more to show you, young brother, but I need you to pay attention to your people that you have around you." Messiah said, "The people I got on my team I know are some goons. My whole roster gets to the larjen (money)," they both laughed. Messiah said, "éy boug (hey man), we about to pull up on Ceauxlby." Messiah dialed Ceauxlby up. Ceauxlby picked up on the second ring, "éy laba, boug, twa isit (hey there man you here). Yea m'ape debou isit (well i'm out here) ok m'ape té vinni ( i'm coming)." They hopped out the car. Woo was shocked, "She has an alright house!" Messiah flashed a grin, "Yea, sô komensé çila larjen."

They started walking up to the door. Ceauxlby opened the door when she saw Messiah. She lit up and gave Messiah the biggest hug. He slipped his hand around her big, soft booty. She loved the smell of his Armani cologne .

"Komen ça va, Round, stop acting like you miss me." Messiah smiled another half grin. He knew that Ceauxlby was crushing on him hard.

Ceauxlby sighed, "Whatever. Who is this?"

"Wé çála çe moi boug (but that's my man), Woo, well actually moi frær (my brother)." Ceauxlby gave Woo a look of approval, "Ok bet, I heard alot about you. Nice to meet you." Messiah frowned, "What you got cooking." Ceauxlby laughed. "Nothing at all. She waved for both men to follow her into the home. "Why don't you sit down, and make yourself at home." She turned to Messiah, "So I was trying to let you know about that fool, Trell, up there in the 13th ward. Li ap galopé larjen-la debou (He running the money up). He working with ten bricks. I been in the spot already." Messiah laughed, "Ain't that sum shit?" They all started laughing harder. Woo asked, "Is he a weak one?" Ceauxlby replied, I don't know, but I do no he is the type of guy that lets the ladies run his empire. All I would have to do is get in his ear and act like I am about to give him some of this fire ass sex. I heard he is super soft behind a big butt and a pretty smile. He keeps his larjen (money) in the back room to the left, which also has three dudes in there at all times." She shrugged her shoulders, "If we need to, Caixren and I will go in."

"How much do you know about him and his operation?"

"Umm, not that much as of right now, but it is in the making. We gone go on a date this Friday. He kept looking at me, so I asked him what's good. He was with it. Then he asked me to chill, so I told him that I don't want to smoke in the car. I suggested that we go to his place. Well, I thought he was bringing me to his place, but instead of that, he brought me to his trap spot. Woo grew excited, "Damn, this dude really is a duck!" Messiah said, "Yeah, he probably just started in the game late. We ain't here to be teachers, but we are all here to get paid! So look, break him for as much as you can in a weeks time. Then, we can manjé (eat)! Ceauxlby get with Caixren, lace him up, and tell him to call me. I gotta make a move real fast."

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