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Soul Contracts, Twin Flames and Incarceration

by Julie O'Hara 10 months ago in fact or fiction · updated 8 months ago
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Can my incarcerated lover be my twin flame?

Okay, this is a very sensitive subject. I know someone is going to get triggered, so please keep an open mind and hear me out. Can someone who has been convicted of a crime and been incarcerated be your twin flame?

It depends on what their soul contract contains and depends on the crime committed with emphasis on the first -- the soul contract. What is a soul contract, you ask? Soul contracts are based on the notion that before incarnating into a new body, our souls correspond other’s souls. During these prenatal meetings, human souls negotiate agreements to collaborate and develop further on Earth.

We all sign and agree to a soul contract when we come to earth to learn lessons. If your contract is to learn the consequence of committing a heinous crime, then no matter how much you change or repent, you are not going to be offered the “honor” of having a twin flame. It will not be in your contract. You are not advanced spiritually enough yet. And that is okay.

Twin Flames come from high level, experienced entities who respect and love their fellow man, and their contracts reflect that. This honor is not offered to all, and many who are offered it do not accept it. If you are being tasked through your soul contract to learn the consequence of committing a crime by being incarcerated, you are still working on lower vibrational issues, and are not ready for the honor of becoming a twin flame. This is part of the progression.

Vibration increases through loving deeds, not crimes which hurt people

Twin Flames come here to better the world, and if your soul contract has you committing crimes, especially crimes that seriously and significantly hurt people, you are not going to be offered this gift. Now, that does not mean that you might not have a huge, powerful karmic or soul family soulmate connection to your lover which is very important in its own right, but an incarcerated person who is in jail for assault, murder, fraud, etc. is not an advanced enough soul to be a twin flame and may never be. Please note the word, "may".

That said, I am perfectly aware that our prisons are full of people incarcerated for inconsequential crimes due to the for-profit system we have in the U.S. And I am not saying people are not redeemable, but if someone is here learning lessons of incarceration, those lessons preclude the lessons and gifts of a twin flame relationship.

This may just be an extremely toxic relationship based in past karma. That does not mean it is not invaluable. Just keep an open mind and do not mislabel it. And sometimes your karma is to walk away from these toxic relationships so that you can learn ego release, surrender and faith acceptance.

Also, there are some instances when someone is learning about incarceration for a lesser crime and they do have a spiritual awakening and do meet their twin flame, but never during incarceration. If they do the proper work and if the soul contract allows it, there certainly is the possibility that someone who has been incarcerated meets their twin flame; they might meet but not go into union in this lifetime.

However, if they are currently incarcerated; they are dealing with much larger soul contracts just by being in jail.

I know some will accuse me of judgment, and in a way you are correct. But people who agree to soul contracts that involve incarceration are here to learn lessons in being judged by the community they have agreed to be a part of.

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