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Someone On A First Date

Someone On A First Date

By Elumalai DPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Don't kidnap your date

As first dates go, it started off nicely enough but soon took a drastic turn when Robinson convinced her to get in his vehicle under the guise of giving her flowers. Once inside the van, she was trapped. Before she could even close the door, Robinson hit the accelerator and sped away.

As they slowed down at an intersection, she saw a chance and tried to escape. But he foiled her attempt by speeding up again before she could jump from the van.

This isn't your typical love-gone-wrong story; it's a real-life crime thriller, and it all began on Christmas Eve 2022.

An unnamed woman matched with Zachary Kent Mills, a 21-year-old from Texas who seemed like a normal guy. Little did she know, this seemingly ordinary date would take a terrifying turn when she declined his advances.

But fate intervened on December 29th when Mills left the premises to spend time with his father, unknowingly giving the victim a glimmer of hope.

Don't show up unannounced

Imagine meeting someone on Tinder, hitting it off, and realising they're not your type. Maya learned this the hard way when her date turned into an obsessive stalker.

At first, it was just the constant messages and surprise visits to her home that had Maya on edge. But then her stalker went even further, showing up with a plush blanket and a DVD of her favourite movie, Enchanted.

Only then does the stalker grasp the severity and finally retreat into the shadows, leaving Maya shaken yet relieved.

Back in 2012, Thomas J.He had been sending secretive love letters to a 12-year-old girl, with intentions that quickly turned dark.

It all started in June 2011, when the girl's mother discovered peculiar letters arriving in their mailbox. They looked like innocent greeting cards, but inside contained love notes from an unidentified "secret admirer." Over the next few months, a total of six letters arrived, each one leaving the mother bewildered.

The last letter, sent in 2012, carried a menacing tone. Fearful for her daughter's safety, the mother immediately contacted the Delray Beach Police in Florida.

The mother immediately suspected Thomas J. Cicerello as the culprit. The writing on the letters matched his style and handwriting from previous correspondences with neighbours. Despite no longer residing in the neighbourhood, Cicerello was swiftly located and taken in for questioning.

Just say your goodbyes at home

We've all watched those classic romantic comedies where the determined guy buys a plane ticket just to dash through customs and bid his lady a heartfelt goodbye.

It all went down at Singapore's Changi Airport. A devoted husband decided to surprise his wife by purchasing flight tickets. His plan? To accompany her through the security gates, making sure their farewell was unforgettable.

You see, in Singapore, passing security checks with a boarding pass is strictly reserved for genuine travellers. Unfortunately, our unsuspecting husband was ignorant of this particular law.

According to the Singaporean police, over 33 people had been arrested for similar offences that year alone. Some individuals have even gone as far as purchasing plane tickets just to indulge in duty-free shopping at the airport.

Absolutely, kidnapping is a serious criminal act and should never be considered as a joke or used in a humorous context,Absolutely, kidnapping or any form of non-consensual action is illegal, unethical, and harmful. Always prioritize open and honest communication with your date and respect their choices and boundaries.. Don't kidnap your date ..

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  • Chelsea Rose5 months ago

    You have deliberately plagiarised my story!

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