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Some Funny, Mostly Tragic

Why is using pepper spray considered a crime in Turkiye?

By Meltem Nur TaşdelerPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Some funny, mostly tragic, let me tell you about a street fight I recently got into. But first, let me introduce myself. Hello, I’m Meltem Nur. I live in Turkey, and I’m about to turn 20 soon. I was studying because I had upcoming exams. Suddenly, my mom entered my room and said, ‘Meltem, there’s a crowd outside the door, and everyone is gathered around your brother.’ I looked out the window, and an angry mob had surrounded my brother. Sensing a fight, I grabbed pepper spray and rushed downstairs to stand in front of my brother, shielding him from the crowd. The issue was that the son of the family living next door, Emirhan. He said my brother cursed to his mother. Damn, he doesn’t even know you. Of course, my brother denied it. About 20 people from down the street immediately got involved, and one of them punched my brother. Others joined in, attacking him. I used the pepper spray.

Emirhan’s mother, sister, and himself attacked me, and three of them beat me up. My mom was running back and forth, trying to help both me and my brother. I saw blood flowing from the arm of the person on top of my brother. In self-defense, my brother brandished a knife. Seeing the blood, people rushed to the injured person. Seizing the opportunity, my brother quickly got into the car and left the scene. My mom and I hurried back into the building, running up the stairs and finally getting home. I locked the door a few times. The police had arrived at the scene, but it was too late. An officer came to our door to take our statements and collect our identification. While I was talking to him, the crowd from the fight also came up to the building. I quickly closed the door. The police sent them back, and when a few more police teams arrived, they took us to the police station. They took our statements and then took my mom and me to another place to collect fingerprints and take our photos like criminals. Once the fingerprinting was done, they kept us in the holding cell until morning. It was morning, and neither my mom nor I had gotten any sleep. We finally got out from the custody room. Eventually, just when I thought I could breathe, they handcuffed our hands together and took us to the courthouse. We went into the prosecutor’s office one by one to recount what had happened. They released my mom and me, but they arrested my brother. He was crying with guiltiness, and we were crying that he is going to the jail.

This incident occurred on November 13, 2023. Since that day, my brother has been in prison, and I have started taking kickboxing lessons to cope with the aftermath of that fateful street fight. The experience has left an indelible mark on our lives, changing our perspectives and pushing us to navigate the challenges that came our way. The resilience we've discovered within ourselves is both surprising and inspiring, and it's a testament to the strength of family bonds in the face of adversity. Since that day I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I checked CCTV and there is nothing about my brother. CCTV doesn’t show how they beat up my brother. He was under the 10-15 people. There is only me under the 3 people. The anger inside of me burns my skin. Cops said the stabbed man is okay. He had stitches and was hospitalized for two days. My brother will be tried for attempted murder and yeah story of my life.

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