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She Met A “Mysterious Man” During Her Vacation In Spain And Ended Up Murdered - Audrey Fang

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By Based On a True StoryPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The woman in the photo was Audrey Fang, born in Singapore and an architect by profession.

Her family says that she loved flowers, she always had a smile on her face, and she was one of those people who would never hurt anyone.

At 39 years old, she had traveled through Asia, Oceania and Europe. On April 4, 2024, the woman went to Jávea (Spain) on vacation where she stayed at the boutique hotel with spa included.

She had many plans for this trip, one to gain strength, although at home they were excited for her to help with the family florist, she was going to resume her career in an important construction company. The girl who was all smiles was never going to come back.

At first everything was going well until on the 9th her relatives stopped hearing from her.

According to several media, within a few hours she was found with about thirty stabbed in an open field in Abanilla (Murcia), about 165km from her hotel. At first, they mistook her for a prostitute, they even thought of a vagabond.

The investigation has been in charge of the elite of the Civil Guard since her family reported the disappearance. The agents have reconstructed step by step what happened to Audrey.

According to the investigations on April 9, a camera last saw her in her luxurious accommodation at 8:45 p.m. where she got into a vehicle with a man who was identified as Mitchell, also from Singapore.

It is still unknown how she met this man but maybe it was because of Tinder since according to a relative Audrey didn’t have a partner, but she did want to have her and for that she used the dating app. This family member advised her to leave this type of application.

Mitchell who on the networks nicknamed himself Strongest Asian is muscular guy, 188 centimeters tall, lover of Dragon Ball Z and weights. There is even a video of him where he assures that he can lift 142 kilos on the training bench.

From there they traveled to Abanilla, an open field that had nothing to do with the journey of a girl who came to look for the most beautiful thing in Spain. In that place, where trucks usually park, they found their corpse, with blows to the face and multiple stab wounds.

The experts in scientific analysis of the Civil Guard found a decisive footprint. The trace of a special Nike edition whose cost exceeds 900 euros, according to he points out. The shape would match, the size too: a 14 in American size, a 48.5 in the European size. Now it only remains to prove that the sand that is in the plant also coincides with that of the terral of Abanilla. The accuracy of the investigation has managed to triangle the signal of Audrey and Mitchell’s mobile phones. Both were at the crime scene at the same time.

As you can imagine, from here the man became the main suspect in Audrey’s murder.

To close the circle, the motive of the crime has yet to be determined. Audrey’s relatives speculate on suspicious financial movements: transfers and life insurance - in a company related to Mitchell - whose recipient they do not know. There are tens of thousands of euros in banking and life insurance movements that are being investigated. It is also known that she had a return ticket on April 12. The rental car that Mitchell rented to make his moves was a gray Nissan Qashqai.

Strongest Asian was arrested on April 16 in Alicante. In his hotel room they found the Nikes that can finish condemning him. Three days later he showed up in the courthouse of Cieza, tied up and with a sorry face. Due to his high economic position (according to his deleted Linkedin profile, he had founded at least three technology companies) and for not having roots in the country, he is detained without bail.

In Singapore, the crying of the family is uncontrollable. The violence against Audrey has been extreme. Not only does he have stable wounds all over his body, but also head trauma, with serious damage to his face. They are surprised, once the investigation was done there, that Mitchell’s residence was in the well-to-do area of Bukit Timah, the highest point of this city, considered one of the most expensive in the world to live in. In its commercial records, it is stated that it has a stake in six companies, as verified by the local media 8World with the country’s Corporate and Accounting Regulatory Authority.

Audrey’s body has already been repatriated. He has been fired with the flowers that she liked so much.

Benjamin Fang, his brother, stated the following:

“We are very sad and horrified. He have killed her in a horrible way. She was the pillar of our family. She dreamed of moving to Bali, to a house that she would design herself.”

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