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She Hid Two Pregnancies & Killed Both Babies at Birth

She hid two pregnancies from her boyfriend and family, then murdered the babies, burying their remains inside her home.

By True Crime WriterPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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She hid two pregnancies from her boyfriend and family, then murdered the babies, burying their remains inside her home.

The following story discusses child death. Reader discretion is advised.

Alyssa Dayvault, a popular makeup YouTuber from South Carolina, killed two of her newborn babies in 2017 and 2018 in separate incidents. Alyssa’s family members had no clue she was expecting, that is, until she visited a North Myrtle Beach hospital in December 2018.

Dayvault visited Grand Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach one evening with complaints of "heavy vaginal bleeding." Doctors admitted her into the hospital due to their concerns where they performed a blood transfusion and examined the woman. After completing these procedures, doctors learned the cause of the vaginal bleeding.

She had an infection due to an undelivered placenta and an umbilical cord, both of which she delivered in the hospital. They were consistent with a full-term pregnancy. She did not, however, deliver a baby at the hospital. Confused, hospital staff questioned Dayvault.

Dayvault admitted that she had delivered a baby boy earlier in the month. She told doctors the boy was alive and breathing when she placed him on the bed and claimed that she passed out. When she woke up, the baby was dead. After finding the baby boy deceased, DeVault stuffed him inside a trash can in her home.

Police found the remains of the babies hidden inside a trash bag inside the Dayvault home.

Dayvault was taken into custody on charges of homicide by child abuse. Police continued investigating her after this incident, and soon learned this was not her only pregnancy.

Dayvault Hid a Second Pregnancy

Medical records revealed that Dayvault had another pregnancy the year before. According to medical records, Dayvault visited the OB/GYN during her third trimester of pregnancy. The healthy baby girl showed a strong heartbeat during the visit.

She admitted to police that she had delivered the baby girl in 2017. She claimed the newborn had been born with her umbilical cord around her neck. She did not provide any lifesaving help to the infant, and she died moments later.

She stuffed his remains the baby girl's remains inside a dumpster at the apartment complex.

Dayvault Trial

During Dayvault’s trial, a pathologist testified that the baby boy had defecated inside the trash bag, proving he had been alive when she stuffed him inside and had likely suffocated to death. The pathologist could not determine the newborn's exact cause of death.

Photo: WVLT

Dayvault claimed she had planned to give the babies up for adoption after their births, but “panicked,” and didn't know what to do. She told the court that her boyfriend did not want children, and she feared her mother's reaction prompting her to make her decisions.

She was sentenced to 40 years in prison without parole. She is serving her time at Leath Correctional Institution in Greenwood, South Carolina. Dayvault has an expected release date in 2055.


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