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Scammers New target Smart TV

Smart TV Safety tips

By abdul rahoofPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
Scammers New target Smart TV
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Like any other device that connects to the internet, scammers can use smart TVs to steal money or personal information from victims. Recently, there has been an increase in reports of fraudsters finding victims through smart televisions, according to

The scam involves tricking consumers into entering personal information, credit card numbers, and payments on a fake website that appears identical to the legitimate activation URL for a streaming service. Scammers achieve this by setting up lookalike sites with URLs that are almost identical to the authentic ones, sometimes with just one character difference.

Another way scammers operate is by buying ads or using other methods to get their fake activation websites to appear high in search results when consumers look up activation information for their smart TVs. Once consumers click on the fake link, they may be directed to a website or receive a pop-up asking them to pay an activation fee. However, most legitimate streaming device creators do not charge activation or setup fees.

Scammers also use pop-ups to direct consumers to call a phone number, claiming it's to finish setting up the user's account, resolve an error, or fix network issues. This often leads to another charge to the consumer, a request for personal information, or both. Once fraudsters have a potential victim's phone number, they may continue to call repeatedly to complete a scam or attempt another one.

Many people are rushing to buy smart TVs, but they may not realize that these come with a high risk of being hacked. In today’s era, a Television is more than just a piece of furniture to watch programs on; it’s a window to the world, and many people don’t know how to protect TV. It isn’t hard, but it does require some effort and awareness on the part of the individual.

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importance of Protecting Smart TV:

The short and simple answer to the first question, “Do I need to protect my smart TV?” is “Yes”. However, as there are many benefits of smart TV, it is also essential to know how to protect TV. With the rise of the internet and more people using it, smart TVs can be an easy target for cyberattacks.

Hackers know that they can find information such as passwords and credit card numbers on a television hacked. Additional information like social security or even healthcare data can be taken if someone uses your television. Knowing how to prevent these attacks is crucial to maintaining the safety of your house. To avoid hackers attacks, people need to learn how to use smart TV and protect the online privacy, because it is essential for cybersecurity. There are different ways that they can apply to make their televisions secure and protected. Let’s discuss them now.

Ways to Protect Smart TV:

People may not know it, but there are ways to protect their android Television. If you’re scared of your information being hacked on your TV, don’t worry; you’re not alone! Recent research found that the television is the most vulnerable device in the home, with about one-third of all smart TVs suffering from some form of security vulnerability. Fortunately, users can do something about it.

Keep your smart TV’s firmware updated:

Keeping smart Television firmware updated is a great way to protect your investment from cyberattacks. The latest version of firmware protects against many current threats, and any updates will positively impact the security of your device.

Install automatic updates for your smart Television whenever a new one becomes available because even though you may not notice an update is installed, it’s going to happen automatically in the background. It’s also a good idea to use a firewall that’s compatible with your specific device.

Don’t Perform Bank Transactions:

With the rise of internet-connected devices, many people are now using their Smart TVs for banking. Unfortunately, hackers can take advantage of these vulnerabilities to steal personal information or perform other malicious actions. Although some banks allow people to use their Television to sign into their account, they recommend keeping this activity confined to a computer instead.

Use VPN:

People need to have a fast VPN extension on their devices to protect themselves. We recommend VeePN as it has a fast VPN extension connection and keeps people safe and secure while browsing the internet.

VeePN is an encrypted and secure VPN that hides users’ original IP addresses by masking them with another temporary address. So, hackers, the government, or ISP can never trace and spy on you. In this way, people can also protect their location and personal credentials from hackers.

Use Only Official Apps:

People must use only official apps and download them from the official play store only. People often find attractive offers where they can get a paid app for free. Don’t download apps from unknown websites as there may be some malware or virus that will spy and steal people’s information secretly.

Disable Camera and Microphone:

Many smart televisions come with built-in cameras and microphones. This is an unfortunate security risk, as they can be used to spy on you. Luckily, users can disable the camera and microphone on their smart Television by exploring the settings.

Disable Internet:

Today, those who have access to the internet are susceptible to hackers. The accessibility of the internet has rendered many people vulnerable to being hacked, with some cases even costing them their life savings.

One method that is gaining traction is disabling your internet. When people don’t longer watch android Television, it is recommended to disconnect the internet connection.

Scan TV:

Smart TVs are quickly becoming the go-to for watching Television. They provide countless hours of entertainment, but they’re vulnerable to malicious hackers who want to access your private information. To keep your data safe, be sure to perform monthly malware scans of your smart Television using an up-to-date antivirus program.

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How do I get rid of a virus on my smart TV?

If someone believes that their television is infected with a virus and don’t know how to get rid of it, here are some brief, simple tips:

Check the Television’s settings. With some simple changes to settings on Television, people can make sure that they’re safe from anyone wanting to get into their personal life.

Download a VPN app. We recommend VeePN for the best results.

Download an antivirus app.

Turn off the TV, remove any cables or wireless connections, and leave it unplugged for at least 10 minutes.

Uninstall any apps that have been downloaded onto the Television.

Reset Television to factory settings.

So, this was the complete guide that people can use to ensure that their android televisions are entirely protected and secure. These tips are also helpful for any person who used to browse the internet for any reason.

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