Reason First: How Severe Should the Raptors Fan Tristan Warkentin's Punishment Be?

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Tristan Warkentin lowered himself by disparaging Ayesha Curry. Can he pick up himself?

Reason First: How Severe Should the Raptors Fan Tristan Warkentin's Punishment Be?

To blame alcohol for one’s behavior is a cheap excuse for owning up to foul words and deeds. Following Game 2 of the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors tournament, 28-year-old Raptors fan, Tristan Warkentin, expressed a reference to engaging in sexual contact with NBA player and Warrior Steph Curry’s wife’s genitalia. In a statement, Warkentin showed somewhat remorse for his heinous behavior. Essentially, he blamed it on the Grey Goose and the Patron. He said that “it was an alcohol influenced situation…” The vodka and the Hennessy played a role in his actions and verbiage, allegedly. The police didn’t think that the whole alcohol angle was funny. They arrested him moments after the statements. Warkentin seemed to sober up rather quickly once the cold steel bracelets wrapped around his wrists.

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Whether the charges will be dropped or not, Warkentin will more than likely pay a fine or complete community service. He’ll most likely explain the dangers of going over the alcohol intake limit. But the real issue is whether this is a sign of toxic masculinity. Should males (not men) be excused for their conduct because they get more than a little tipsy? What Warkentin represents is a boy in a man’s body. Instead of holding his composure and offering a decent response, he chose to go the low way. This is what drives the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. In no way did he compliment Mrs. Curry. Warkentin revealed about himself that he did not have the common courtesy to address a lady. Women and men will not tolerate the impropriety of this 28-year-old overgrown adolescent. What is striking is the response to the words that Warkentin issued. Two black gentlemen and a yellow woman and a white female reporter all witnessed this white boy say despicable things firsthand, among others. While the reporter apologized to the crowd, the black man wearing a Kawhi Leonard “Fun Guy” shirt and an alleged associate of his wearing the same shirt under a jacket exhibited disapproval.

No one laughed. The joke laid firmly on Warkentin’s head. A national television audience and a global internet gathering have witnessed this child speak ugliness against a woman of manners and good standing. Only an oafish miscreant would utter the words that Warkentin spewed on air. The live TV feed was like a giant auditorium for a guy to act stupidly. He appears to be an otherwise smart guy, some would say. But to come to the point where you’re so inebriated that you cannot control your mind and tongue shows someone of serious ineptitude. In addition to his supposed community service, that most likely will be the case, Warkentin will probably enroll in Alcoholics Anonymous groups. This group is punishment for some but if he can get past the mysticism, Warkentin may find it necessary to reevaluate his life.

So what are the solutions? Warkentin can issue a formal apology to the Currys, the television station, and everyone that surrounded him that night. He can atone by displaying man vibes. He can show himself to be worthy of humankind if he demonstrates that he can be a man and make amends. Warkentin’s conscience at least could bring about a change in how men are viewed by women. Rather than coming with his hat in hand, he can stand tall and communicate to the masses that males can be men once they have achieved the absolute level of maturation. Where that level is may be hard to define. But it starts with Warkentin staring in the mirror and then claiming that he can be not just a man but a man of substance.

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