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Puzzled Mysteries

by Mathew Kentner 4 years ago in fiction

Meanings Within a Sentence (Part 1)

Chapter 1

I pulled into the parking lot of the supermarket and just like everyone else, I started looking for the closest spot possible to the doors, so that I wouldn't have to walk too far.

Each aisle I went down, I got more frustrated. Then I finally found one but I had to hurry because it was in the next aisle. So I quickly drove around to it but by the time I got there, somebody else had already parked in it.

Since, I didn't get that spot, I just decided to settle on any spot, after I wasted about 10 minutes and some gas trying to find a close spot.

Once I parked my car, I got out and started walking towards the doors of the supermarket. As I was walking, I was just thinking about things, like sports and cars, and pretty much just about life in general.

When I got about half way from my car to the store, I started hearing gunfire. K-pow, K-pow, K-pow. I quickly ducked down behind a van and I could see my heart pounding through my chest and I am breathing very heavy. I could also hear myself yelling, "Everybody stay down. Keep your heads down and stay calm." I can hear people screaming and see glass flying from the vehicles as the bullets just keep hitting the vehicles as the gunfire just keeps on going, K-pow, K-pow, K-pow.

I quickly decided to poke my head around the van to see if I could see where the gunfire was coming from. One bullet hit the van that I was hiding behind and scared me back behind it.

After a few more seconds, I quickly looked around the van again. I could see where the gunfire was coming from because I could see the flash of light from the end of the barrel of the gun.

Chapter 2

Sweat was rolling down his forehead as he was taking short breathes while his finger just kept on squeezing the trigger, K-pow, K-pow, K-pow, until the clip was out of bullets. He quickly dropped the empty clip out of the gun and put a full clip back in. He instantly looked back through the sight and took aim. Then he started firing again. K-pow, K-pow, K-pow.

The only thought going through his mind was about the message that he was going to send to a Detective that he had never meet before but had heard a lot about. That Detective's name was Detective John Grizzley.

He had stopped shooting for just a moment because he wanted to look to see what was going on below him. He wanted to see what he was causing.

When he looked down, he could see people ducked behind cars everywhere, and glass everywhere on the ground from the windows being blown out of the vehicles. He could hear car alarms going off and people were still screaming.

As he was looking around, he happened to notice that there was one man lying on the ground, in the middle of one of the aisles. "I killed somebody," he said to himself as a big smile came on his face.

After noticing that he had killed someone, he sat there and said to himself, "So, should I keep shooting? I have over a half of a clip left, should I finish it off?"

He sat there thinking about it for a minute or two and said to himself, "You know what, Mr. Smithson? I think I have had enough fun for one day. I think I got my point across." He nodded and continued saying, "It is now time to go home."

He took apart his .22 caliber and put each piece in its correct spot in the briefcase, then he closed the briefcase, and locked it.

After he had locked the briefcase, he gave it a little tap, as if he was saying, "Good Job." Then he noticed the bullet casings all over the place. He thought to himself, "Should I pick them up? Nooooo! I'm going to just leave them. Besides, none of them will have my finger prints on them, so who cares."

He then grabbed the briefcase and climbed down off the roof of the building, using the fire escape.

Then when he got onto the ground, he walked around his car that he had stolen earlier and parked there, and got into the driver's seat, put the briefcase on the passenger's seat, and then drove away.


Mathew Kentner

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Mathew Kentner
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