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Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in jail, 'felt unwell' after walk: Report

Alexei Navalny dies in jail,

By Aabusad PathanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is dead, the authorities of the prison where he had been serving his sentence said.

In Short

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is dead

Cause of death is being established

Russia's penitentiary service is checking all details of Navalny's death

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny died on Friday after collapsing and losing consciousness at the penal colony north of the Arctic Circle where he was serving a long jail term, the Russian prison service said.

Navalny, by far Russia's most famous opposition leader, rose to prominence more than a decade ago by lampooning the elite class round President Vladimir Putin and voicing allegations of corruption on a vast scale. He was 47.

The Federal Penitentiary Service of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District said in a statement that Navalny "felt unwell" after a walk at the IK-3 penal colony in Kharp, about 1,900 km (1,200 miles) north east of Moscow.

Navalny, the prison service said, had lost consciousness almost immediately.

"The medical staff of the institution arrived immediately, and an ambulance team was called," the prison service said.

"All necessary resuscitation measures were carried out, which did not yield positive results. Doctors of the ambulance stated the death of the convict."

"The causes of death are being established."

Putin has been told about Navalny's death, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Navalny earned admiration from Russia's disparate opposition for voluntarily returning to Russia in 2021 from Germany, where he had been treated for what Western laboratory tests showed was an attempt to poison him with a nerve agent.

Navalny said at the time that he was poisoned in Siberia in August 2020. The Kremlin denied trying to kill him and said there was no evidence he was poisoned with a nerve agent.

Alexei Navalny, Prominent Russian Critic, Dies in Jail Amid Controversy

Alexei Navalny, a prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has tragically passed away while in jail. According to reports, Navalny felt unwell after a walk and subsequently died. His death has sparked controversy and raised concerns about human rights and political freedom in Russia.

Navalny, known for his vocal opposition to Putin's government and his anti-corruption activism, was serving a prison sentence on charges widely viewed as politically motivated. His imprisonment had drawn condemnation from international leaders and human rights organizations who called for his release.

Navalny's sudden death has led to widespread speculation and demands for an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding his demise. Many suspect foul play, considering Navalny's history of confrontations with the Russian government and his previous poisoning, which he survived.

The news of Navalny's death has prompted an outpouring of grief and outrage from his supporters both within Russia and around the world. Many see his passing as a tragic loss for the fight against corruption and authoritarianism in Russia.

In response to Navalny's death, there have been calls for increased pressure on the Russian government to respect human rights and uphold political freedoms. Some countries have already announced sanctions against Russia, while others are considering further measures to hold the government accountable.

Navalny's legacy as a fearless advocate for democracy and accountability will continue to inspire millions around the world. However, his untimely death serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by those who dare to speak out against authoritarian regimes.

As investigations into Navalny's death unfold, the international community remains vigilant, determined to ensure that justice is served and that his sacrifice is not in vain. The fight for freedom and democracy in Russia and beyond will endure, fueled by the courage and resilience of individuals like Alexei Navalny.

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