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Once a Thief

by I am me Amanda Nissen/Champion 4 months ago in fact or fiction
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Apparently always a thief

Once a Thief
Photo by Ye Jinghan on Unsplash

The story I am about to tell is a true one, sad, but still true.

Emily, Holly, and Jenny were all 14, and grew up together, which makes the betrayal even worse. During a time when Emily's grandparents were in town, all the grown ups get together. Well the 3 of them wanted to go do what 14 year old girls do, go see boys in the apartment complex Emily lived in. Emily and Jenny were super close friends, (or Emily thought so anyway) even called each other cousins. Always there during hard times, Holly showed Emily a side of her that Emily didn't even know existed. A cruel side, knowing that at the time, Holly was Emily's only friend, she used it to her advantage everyday, and in the future part of this sad and true story, she remained the same as she was as a 14 year old bully, just grew into a 37 year old bully.

While walking to a boy from school's house, Emily wearing the heeled shoes her grandparents just bought her, and the worst possible scenario happen. Emily's heal got caught on the top stair and she fell face down, 4 cement stairs. Emily comes to seconds later, to hear Holly and Jenny laughing, until they seen Emily's face full of blood, then they saved their laughter for when Emily went to the hospital. Emily became pretty accident prone every time she was uprooted and her C-PTSD would get triggered, after all it was only a year or 2 before when Emily broke her ankle and Jenny went to the hospital with her. This time, Jenny didn't want to go, she wanted to hang back with her new friend Holly.

As the 3 girls walked into the house, Emily bleeding and all grown ups, besides her own grandparents, who ended up leaving during all the commotion that this trauma brought, got up to attend to her. Wondering if she still had all of her teeth, Emily felt that she didn't, but could barely speak due to the pain, as well as everyone freaking out. Holly ended up going back to where Emily fell and found her tooth. A clean break out, Emily was shocked at how long front teeth really were.

Needless to say Emily's mother took her to the emergency room, and after hours of injections and wiring, Emily and her mother finally got home, where Jenny and Holly were, as well as Jenny's mother and grandmother. When she walked in, she didn't feel the same energy as when she left, then she realized why. Jenny stole things from Emily, and even though she knew how personal the things Emily's father bought were to her, the two of them together got extremely bold and stole and everyday item of Emily's and to add insult to this multiple injuries, it was something her father bought her.

Completely out of it, Emily tried to say something, only for the two to deflect the question and say that splitting that pole we walked up, bad fortune happen to the 2 of them, while Emily was at the hospital. Knowing they are lying, Emily was is to much pain to push it any further, they weren't going to give it back or even acknowledge that they did anything wrong. Emily went to bed that night with jaw wiring on her mouth and brain damage to her frontal lobe, something that she didn't notice herself, until she was older.

Emily never wanted to leave Lakewood to go back to Golden in the first place, and Jenny showed her just another reason why she wished she was still far away from foes, who acted like friends. Friends don't bully each other or steal from another, let alone when one is down your friends are not suppose to kick you while down. However Jenny didn't mind and then when Emily turned 16, she left high school and didn't see Jenny much after that.

Over two decades later, Emily finds out that Jenny hasn't changed, she still kicks Emily while down, but wont do it as herself, only behind a face that people with common morals don't disrespect, a parent figures face. During a mental breakdown, this disguise game, that was actually moving Emily and her mother in a better direction, after all re-paring their relationship was Emily's higher powers goal. Count on hateful females to ruin it.

Finding out now that Jenny's moto is divide and conquer, kick and bully someone when they don't even want to be alive, and Emily being alive is the only reason Jenny and a stranger could exist in the disguise game, as who they are. Jenny, is trying to steal Emily's fathers legacy away from Emily, as well a trust fund she has through a friend of Emily's. Sadly Jenny is that delusional to believe, that things set in stone are even up for grabs, on that day, Jenny shined through and stole Emily's vape.

Something she wanted to do in another disguise just a couple week prior, but being on constant alert, Emily was able to stop her then. While that vape that was stolen on a day Emily wasn't feeling great mentally, and the way Jenny came at her in costume, is something she would never do in person. It's like 2 or 3 people, switching faces, copying something that was not only already done, but is actually over, the jig is up, whether Emily lives in a house her father's side of the family owns or not.

The face game is one that ever since Jenny has heard about it, she comes around Emily, as other people, because as adults the tables turned. Emily was no longer bulled by Jenny, but for some reason Jenny is scared of Emily. Unaware that Jenny was even involved, until she recognized the same old patterns of someone so irrelevant to Emily and her future, Jenny's nonsense and drama.

She helped get Emily where she lives now, to steal Emily's friend, who isn't even who he claims to be, to steal her mental health medication and to subliminally attempt to bully her, putting stress on her that Emily doesn't need or deserve, but in the mind of a hateful person, can one only be mad at another, for no reason at all.

Emily and Jenny haven't spoken for over a decade and when they did, after they grew up, Jenny was different and Emily has a family, and their reunion lasted maybe 10 min. Now since Emily claimed her birth rights back, Jenny has been causing so much ruckus in Emily's life, and has partaken in threatening Emily's life and Jenny went ahead and involved herself in organized crime. Got Emily in a place Jenny is still allowed to be at, since the first time in Emily's families house that Jenny poisoned her, so she could spend time with the person that appeared to be Emily's boyfriend, well that was also her last time. Now that she got Emily divided from her friends, or so Jenny believes. She hasn't stopped poisoning, stealing and doing things to Emily that no one sane does to anyone.

While not believing in karma, Jenny attempted to divide and conquer the progress made with Emily and whoever, saying constantly, good luck to Emily. Emily is aware that everything she says, is straight projection of things that Jenny has been told.

Boundaries for Jenny and her having access to me were established, it upset her to the point of being a hateful coward, who will do all these nasty things behind the scenes to Emily, but when Emily has invited her to come face her, on the only day Emily is going to give this hateful foe attention, she shows her true colors of a coward and now harasses Emily thought any account on Facebook she can. Unsure if she doesn't believe that this organized crime in Emily's life is under active investigation, she keeps pushing her luck, all while Emily keeps to herself.

What a sad ending for Jenny, since Emily has a future that Jenny could of been in, but still seen Emily as a little girl, since that is how Jenny acts, not knowing that Emily has evolved and her future is bright, and Jenny is now just another speck in the old world of Emily's. While saying goodluck, mulitple times to Emily, what she means is, she has put up more walls between Emily and her real life, so that Jenny can remain to keep Emily down. While in an institution in 2016, Emily was having a great time laughing, then someone who appears like it could be Jenny, gets up in anger, and says, "if this is what it is, take me to jail." Emily kinda knew what she meant, and now 5 years later, while trying to produce the chaos that landed Emily in that institution. Emily is treated others how they treat her, and has decided to put her happiness first, even if that means Jenny losing her freedom, Jenny has made the mistake of thinking in her delusional little mind, that Emily actually gives two craps, after everything she has been through. Since Emily is choosing happiness and the things Jenny has done, are things that do lead to jail, Emily will laugh all the way.

Sad thing is, Jenny believes Emily doesn't deserve what anyone else has, when Emily probably deserves it the most. While harassing Emily as a stranger multiple times, nothing lasts forever and just because Jenny rather be in Emily's life, spending all day to ensure Emily will be let down in some way, even though Jenny has a child, like Emily does. Emily didn't chose the road she is on, she actually was very vocal about not choosing it, she would give anything to be with her son. Someone she got stonewalled from while in the same place she is now, Emily is finally seeing that Jenny doesn't love her child like a parent should, after all once one becomes a parent, there is just certain things your moral compass doesn't allow you treat another persons child, no matter what age in certain manners. Apparently Jenny having a child, did not give her this motherly love, she is the same bully if not worse as she was when she was younger. Neglecting her own child, so that Emily can't get what she needs from her own parents. Jenny's priorities need to be adjusted, and Emily can't wait until the day the veil between this lie and her real life drops, so that Emily can run toward her reality, and whatever happens to Jenny and associates, is between them. Emily doesn't want revenge, because she knows coming out of on the other side happy, will be enough for Emily.

As far as Jenny, Emily has washed her hands of her, but that doesn't mean the investigation has, and when the time comes, Emily will testify against everyone involved in gas lighting, hurting, stealing and taking advantage of Emily's best friends death, something that Emily truly believes this organized group had foul play with, and their actions to Emily since, show that taking lives are the only thing this horrible group of people are committed to. Anyone in Jenny's life, will soon see that she is a thief of not only personal possessions, but joy, happiness and sadly freedom also. Someone with nothing to lose, will help another lose everything they have earned. It's already in motion, but people on free will, make their own choices and if that is what they chose, then once freedom is over for the people who take lives and leave just shells left, or in Emily's best friends case, no shell was left, they bullied her bad, and Emily had no idea, until she did, by then it was too late and she had already passed.

Therefore, don't let a thief, who doesn't care about their own child, wrap you up and lose what you have, or had. As of now she is keeping a job that is open, from being filled, and she isn't Emily, and that alone should of made others never believe anything she is saying.

Once a thief, apparently always a thief.

fact or fiction

About the author

I am me Amanda Nissen/Champion

Just someone with a lot going on in her life, currently it's not as positive as my life usually is, but I am writing my way through it. After all nothing lasts forever..

I am hoping for more positive creations, and not true crime issues.

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