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O.W.L. Other World Legion

by Abdul Al Hakim 4 months ago in fiction

Honor among owls and thieves ?

The Owls Come Out At Night

O.W.L Other World Legion

By Abdul Hakim

Other World Legion is a clandestine world organization bent on creating havoc through criminal activities of bioterrorism, extortion, drug smuggling and murder. The organization seeks a position of world power and control. Its symbol is the owl. The owl is a predator bird. Seldom will other predators feed on owls. However sometimes owls feed on other owls.

This is the world beware

Anton Love was working on a major scheme for OWL at his office in the dead of the night. The blackness of the night matched the blackness of his complexion. A black man, one of the heads of the most dangerous criminal organization in the world. Sitting next to the big window anyone entering the room quickly would have missed him as his silhouette blended almost perfectly with the silent night outside. Tweep! Tweep! Tweep! The unmistakable sound of three silencer muffled gunshots were heard by his experienced ears riveting him to attention, all his defenses and skills as an assassin kicked in.

Immediately he glided to the door of his office and peered out. He had seen Michelle Anderson, a relatively new scientist working in the lab next door earlier on his arrival. As a member of QWL’s controlling board he knew she was working on a bio terror project with a potential for millions for the criminal enterprise. Stealthily he approached the lab door, slowly opening it. Michelle Anderson was laying there, legs and arms in a contorted quirky juxtaposition, in a growing pool of blood.

He turned her over and saw three gunshots in her chest. He knew the board would want a detailed report.

The next morning at O.W.L.’s board meeting Chief Associate Reginald Wilson asked the obvious question ”How did this happen in one of our most secure facilities in the organization? Reginal was a balding 50ish man with a paunch. How he made it to the top of the ruthless clandestine organization was anybody’s guess. Plus one didn’t farewell guessing in O.W.L. Anton Love tendered an answer “She was working on biological agents that we expected to be quite lucrative for the organization? No one knew of its existent except the people in this room. Her last report to me was that she was complete and was presenting final results tomorrow. The potential suspects are pretty narrow”

Reginald countered “Not so fast. Where is your logic? It was "supposed" to be known by the people in this room. We stood to make millions from those formulae. Many people would be interested in Michelle’s work. All files related to that project are missing from her computer and strangely even from the cloud backup. Whoever did it knew what we were working on and how to get around our computer securities.” Not all of us have those capabilities except maybe Dennis.

In the room was Helen Connors, sexy smothering blond whose very proximity heated up the atmosphere. She was also a deadly assassin who got her board seat by her number of kills. The cashmere black turtle neck and silk slacks left nothing to the imagination. Also present was Dennis Lavender genius computer geek from Oklahoma, expert in artificial intelligence and all things computer related, Jack Daniels criminal cryptographer, Anton Love, and Reginald Wilson. This group was the managing criminal brains of O.W.L.

Helen’s green eyes shone through slits and contrasted against her blond hair making her appear like a dangerously beautiful black panther. “Reginald is right, how do we know some of our outside “friends” like those in Ukraine, didn’t help themselves to our business. It’s not like they would knock on the front door”

Dennis chimed in with his Oklahoma twang and darting eyes. He was defensive because Reginald mentioned him as a possible suspect. “Her notes, computer files, everything on the biological agents are gone, as you all know they’re worth a fortune. If we monitor the dark web for chatter about new biological agents for sell that could point us in the right direction.” His Oaky from Muskogee look and accent hid a profoundly sinister and calculating mind. Everyone around the table had a thought bubble at the same time that read

“Could this newbie have killed her and planned to sell the plans to a rival group over the dark web“

Jack Daniels smoldered the entire meeting without a word. He just brooded, menacingly from his chair at the far side of the mahogany table where Michelle would have been sitting. His foul mood made his sunken eyes and vulture nose even starker. It was well known that he and April were sleeping together.

“You haven’t said anything Jack, what’s your take” prodded Reginald.

Jack said without moving his position or changing his gaze. “I want to hurt whoever did this and I want to hurt them bad." The words hissed out of his mouth like a venomous snake. His words chilled the blood of even this motley crew of killers, thieves, and miscreants.

Reginal spat out “You all know what has to be done. Jack download Michelle’s programs on other projects she was working on and center on any likely suspects including everyone in this room and report back in 72 hours. We have to solve this and solve it quick.” Reginald tersely closed the meeting.

Anton and Helen lay in bed together after what could conservatively be described as passionate sex. Liberally it would be called a bacchanal for two. His black skin glistened with sweat, contrasted against her white skin. They resembled erotic models from a Joan Simmel gallery piece.

“Are you sure nothing can be traced to you”? Richard looked into those sparkling green eyes looking for any clue of duplicity. Helen responded lethargically, drugged by the sex induced cocktail of endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin. The sex cocktail coursed through her system lowering her assassin’s instinct. “If anything could be traced to me they would have to be a double fucking Sherlock Holmes.”

While she spoke Anton smoothly pulled the silencer equipped Compact Smith & Wesson’s M&P22 from behind his nightstand and pumped two bullets into Helen’s pretty alabaster forehead. He calmly dialed an unknown number on his encrypted cell phone. “I need some trash taken out.” He closed the phone and went into the shower.

Richard had the plans to the deadliest biological weapons in the world. He planned to sell them to the highest bidder and make himself rich with O.W.L. being none the wiser. “Pun intended “he thought. His plan was proceeding exceptionally well. Chief associate Reginal would be discredited and moved out of his position, perhaps even killed. This would allow him to move to the head of the board of O.W. L with a personal fortune that would catapult him into the millionaire class immediately. He never liked Reginald anyway. Reginald was fat, balding and sloppy. More like a professor than the chief associate of an international crime organization. Anton on the other hand was fit, handsome, and suave. Much more representative of a criminal enterprise.

His offer had been on the dark web 36 hours and he had sold to the highest bidder, an underworld terrorist gang out of Azerbaijan. He received five million dollars in bit coin and the plans had been delivered via the dark web using an encrypted computer route. Making it doubly hard to trace. The dark web adding an extra layer of complexity. Anton was happy, confident and satisfied as he went to the O.W. L. board meeting to follow up on Michelle’s death and the biotech theft. There Richard would be disgraced and removed and he would take his place.

All ready at the table were Ricard, Dennis and Jack. Lunch had been catered and was waiting in the back corner of the room. It was warm and smelled scrumptious. Richard had a powerful appetite from his recent sexcapades.

“Have a seat Anton”, Reginal warmly beckoned. Richard was engulfed in a luxurious leather chair. The soft leather wrapped around his body in a perfect contour like a warm smooth cloud. He silently basked in his coming coup of the organization.

Anton started “Before anything else comes up. I came to ask that you give up your position as chief associate. You said we had to solve this in 72 hours. It’s been two weeks and we have no leads on Michelle’s killing. And now Helen has been has been missing for a week.” Continuing his speech “The word on the street is that our plans have been sold on the dark web, there’s all kind of chatter about it.” Anton had the barest hint of a smile as he looked and Jack and Dennis.

Reginal countered “That may be premature Anton, Dennis show him what you’ve found”.

The projector screen open before the group showing the complex squiggles and crisscrossing of multiple computer tracer routes.

Dennis began “The traffic shows a lot attempts to hide the location of the computer payments for a recent biotech purchase were made to. However O.W. L’s computer group along with new secret protocols that were developed by Jack and coded into Michelle’s computer files trace back to a computer in your office Anton.” Anton eyes grew wide as he tried to jump and pull his gun. But just as Dennis finished automatic clamps emerged from the luxurious leather chair locking his arms and feet in place.

A sheen of perspiration glistened on his forehead just below the clean line of his fresh haircut, so bright it was like the high beams from oncoming traffic on a dark street.

Dennis continued “Also with Jacks cryptography expertise we were able to get your bit coin cold wallet key and we all three have the key to the five million dollars in bit coin you received.

“Do you have anything to say Anton “Reginald’s words poked him like a torturer poking a victim about to be burned at the stake.

Jack had gotten up and was silently behind Richard now.

Anton opened his mouth to speak. Jack, the normally reserved cryptographer, cut Anton’s throat so savagely that his head tilted to the side as blood poured down his finely tailored wool off beige suit, pooling in the luxurious leather chair.

“You hurt my Michelle” Jack sobbed back to his chair. He had a mixed of sadness for Mitchell mixed with the satisfaction of revenge on his face.

Reginald announced “Well gentlemen, “Let’s have lunch” As he got up blades automatically ejected from the chairs of Jack and Dennis penetrating their hearts killing them instantly.

Reginal sauntered to the lunch buffet and made himself a roast beef sandwich with sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and the sweetest freshest buns money can buy. He returned to his seat as Chief associate of O.W.L. his position secure from any upstart usurper at least for a while. Plus no one else in the organization knew that he had the wallet key holding 5 million in bit coin.

He bit into the gourmet roast beef sandwich chewing with satisfaction and slumped over dead from a noxious poison the baby-faced Oklahoman, Dennis had laced in the food. Dennis had secretly coveted the chief associate position for himself. He had considered the five million to be a bonus. Owls sometimes feed on themselves.


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