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Unveiling the real truth behind the mystery of Cooper

By Aiman JavedPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Person disappeared high in the sky from a plane. A mysterious story that you might have read or listen about. But here I am going to reveal some magical facts about that story.
DB COOPER hijacked the NORTH WEST ORIENTAL AIRLINE’S FLIGHT 305 PLANE BOEING 727 on 24th November, 1971 that was heading from Portland to the Seattle. It was the very first incident of hijacking American aircraft.

DB COOPER also called Dan Cooper that was the name used on the ticket of the plane. He sat on the last seat of the plane so that no one can remember his face that may make any problem for him.
He called a flight attendant named as Florence Schaffner and gave a letter to her and following were written on it:
• Miss, I have a bomb. I am hijacking this plane. I have some demands that you must fulfill.
He called Florence to sat down on seat along to him and showed her the bomb in his suitcase. He was talking to the pilot with a telephone through another flight attendant “Tina Mucklow”. He made following demands:
• $2 lack cash
• 2 parachutes
• Refuel the plane
Ask I mentioned earlier, it was first hijacking case so FBI was confused what to do with it. That’s why they decided to do what he was saying. There was no panic inside the hijacked plane and 36 passengers were safely took off to their place, the Seattle. Plane again headed towards the sky and DB called for moving to the Maxico. Pilot told that this plane is small and it can’t reach to Maxico with this fuel so they had to got off at a place to refill it. Plane landed in RIANO to refill it but FBI were already there waiting to catch him and they were shocked to see that DB was not there in the plane. Where was he? No one knows but they got the answer when the saw that only one parachute was present. He took other one and jumped out from the emergency door that was opened. I forgot to tell you that two jet planes were also following the plane during the journey to RIANO. But they didn’t see any person jumping out from the plane.

It was because the speed of the jet planes were much faster than the hijacked plane so they weren’t able to see him.
at that time there were no CCTV cameras or other strong security techniques. But story didn’t end here.

• Money given to him would help us to find him whenever he tried to use that.
• The areas where he jumped out from plane would be searched to find him.
• Sketch was also made by taking help from Florence and Tina but it didn’t help. This was the sketch prepared.

All of these plans failed. They didn’t get clue from money as it was never used. He wasn’t found in the areas near to the place where he jumped in and sketch also didn’t help them. After all these failures they started to say that he was dead.

After some years, the cash money being given to DB was found under beach surface and that place was 25-30 km away from the place where he landed by parachute. This proved that he is still alive.

Following possibilities will help you to admit that I am right about him that he doesn’t exist :
• Parachute of DB wasn’t found and it is impossible for a single person to wrap it up again.
• If he showed the bomb then why FBI didn’t inquire about that from where he got this bomb and tnt.
• Why he made plan to Maxico but jumped out before reaching there.
• He was sitting, moving in the plane but they didn’t get any single fingerprint.
• No one saw him on the plane except the plane staff so it is highly possible that the sketch might be wrong.

What you think of this one? Who is the suspect according to you? Comment…

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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Nice reveal. Well done

Aiman JavedWritten by Aiman Javed

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