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My boyfriend went missing

I found audio of what happened to him

By LimjiPublished about a year ago 12 min read

I found it in a small black bag taped to one of the missing posters I put up of my boyfriend Gabe who went missing a year ago. I knew that the chance of finding him alive was practically zero and I had come to terms with it, though maintaining his missing poster placed on a light post outside my house felt like a sort of tribute to him. I’ve known Gabe since we were kids, we grew up on the same street and we did everything together. I ended up more the nerdy cautious type while Gabe covered himself in tattoos and threw caution to the wind, though somehow that made us the perfect match. Gabe was also a bit of an idiot, but in the way that made him very likable, always finding some new way to invent trouble that you had to dig him out of, always apologizing with a goofy smile on his face. When he went missing, it felt like I failed him. He got himself into another mess, and this time I wasn’t there to help.

I was destroyed. I spent months barely sleeping and even longer in therapy dealing with his absence. It was hard, he was always a part of my life and I didn’t know what life was supposed to be like without him. I guess having his poster up was my way of coping with his loss, so I visited him often. Someone else must of noticed this too.

Inside the black bag was an audio recorder and the following is a transcript from that tape. I’m posting this so that no one can forget what happened to him and… well what the hell, I can’t be the only one sobbing over him anymore. I’ve never felt so sick in my life and people need to know what he went through.

The tape was labeled “The Interrogation of Gabriel Jacobs.”

“Interviewer 1: So, Mr. Jacobs, or would you prefer Gabriel? Gabe?

Gabe: Call me whatever, why the fuck am I here?

Interviewer 2: language Mr. Jacobs, it is my legal obligation to inform you that this interview is being recorded for our records and would prefer if you would keep the profanity to a minimum

Gabe: Tough shit lady, why am I here? What do you want?

Interviewer 1: You’re here Mr. Jacobs because we have a few questions to ask you and we’re hoping you would have some valuable insight

Gabe: Oh ok, what kind of questions? Why did I have to be blindfolded? I thought I was gunna get mugged again! Haha!

Interviewer 1: Rest assured Mr. Jacobs we have no intention of stealing any of your possessions, after your interview is concluded all personal belongings including your phone and wallet will be returned to you in tact

Interviewer 1: Do you remember where you were on the night of January 8th?

Gabe: You mean yesterday? Well yeah, sort of. What do you mean?

Interviewer 1: Explain to me where you were

Gabe: I was at the bar with a few buddies, the good one you know, down the street from the [REDACTED]

Interviewer 1: I know the one, do you remember where you went after that?

Gabe: Is this about that girl? Cause I swear man she was crazy!

Interviewer 2: You encountered a woman? Do you know who she was?

Gabe: Naw, she was all hysterical and shit, like wouldn’t stop screaming about nonsense

*Rustling paper can be heard*

Interviewer 1: Was this the woman that you saw?

Gabe: Yeah man! Awe dude are you guys like the police? Oh fuck is she dead? I swear man oh my god I fuckin swear she-

Interviewer 2: Calm down Mr. Jacobs, no one is in trouble here, no one is dead, we just need to know what happened

Gabe: Ok ok, me and my friends left the bar and they all went home right? I started walking home when this girl comes out of nowhere!

Interviewer 1: Can you give more details about the area where she came from? Maybe any stores near by or a street sign?

Gabe: Nah, it was dark, couldn’t see nothin, lost of trees though. That’s why I was all freaked out when she ran up to me

Interviewer 1: What did she look like? Was there anything about her that was out of the ordinary?

Gabe: Yeah man! She was all scaly and cold. Poor thing felt like she just crawled out of a river. Hey is she alright?

Interviewer 1: Apologies Mr. Jacobs but I can’t disclose any information about the woman at this time. Can you tell me what happened next?

Gabe: She was all yellin and screamin, I tried calming her down but she was determined to get me to listen

Interviewer 1: Do you remember anything that she said?

Gabe: She kept sayin “I can’t do it anymore, please kill me, please kill me I can’t” and shit like that

Interviewer 1: And what did you do?

Gabe: I ain’t gunna fuckin kill no girl I just met man! Shit dude! What the hell you think made her talk like that? That shit was not ok

Interviewer 2: Please Mr. Jacobs, I’ll ask you again to mind your language

Gabe: Sorry, sorry

Interviewer 1: What happened next Mr. Jacobs?

Gabe: She got real silent, then looked around all like she was looking at something. Then she ran like crazy down the street!

Interviewer 1: Did she do anything to you before that Mr. Jacobs? Maybe say something strange or give you anything?

Gabe: She grabbed my head dude, scratched me right here see? Then she said something like “Make sure you’re dead before the needle goes in, I’m sorry.” Some creepy shit like that

*Shuffling sounds and a zipper can be heard*

Interviewer 1: We found this in your jacket pocket Mr. Jacobs, have you ever seen it before?

Gabe: No way man that ain’t mine, I don’t do that shit

Interviewer 2: This is a cyanide pill Mr. Jacobs

Gabe: Oh, yeah that’s definitely not mine

Interviewer 1: We believe the woman may have slipped this pill in your pocket as a method for you to commit suicide. Rather crafty of her

Gabe: What? She wanted me to off myself? I just met her! Dude I don’t know what’s happening but can I go home?

Interviewer 1: Not yet Mr. Jacobs, see the issue is we have already conducted interviews with the staff responsible for your capture, and they tell us a slightly different story of events

Gabe: Fuck that man! I told you everything that happened! I swear I’m telling the truth!

Interviewer 2: You’re not leaving this room until you tell us the whole truth Mr. Jacobs

Gabe: I am telling you the truth! What did they say? I swear man!

Interviewer 1: Sit down Mr. Jacobs or we will be forced to restrain you

Gabe: I told you everything I know man! What else do you want to know?

Interviewer 1: Which direction did the woman run off to after you saw her?

Gabe: I don’t know man! Down the street maybe, she ran off past me and I was kinda freaked so I just kinda left

Interviewer 1: Try and remember Mr. Jacobs, it’s very important that we recover the girl

Gabe: Well I was going back home and she ran behind me so like, probably up [REDACTED] street

Interviewer 1: The problem with that story Mr. Jacobs is that our team collected you on [REDACTED] street. So, if she ran behind you and you were going back home, how did you end up on the same street?

Gabe: Wait man you’re fuckin lying! I wasn’t on that street! I went the opposite way!

Interviewer 1: That’s simply not true Mr. Jacobs

Interviewer 2: Are you implying that our collecting team gave us false information? It’s hard to believe that you’re the only one being honest and they’re all lying

Gabe: I don’t know what else to tell you guys I fuckin swear I’m not lying. This is bullshit man! That girl ran off why not go lookin for her and stop harassing me?

Interviewer 1: Lets changed our line of questioning for now Mr. Jacobs. The last thing we would like to know is if you’re positive that you have no prior relations with the woman in question?

Gabe: I told you dude, I have absolutely no idea who she was and I’ve never seen her before.

Interviewer 1: Another lie, at this rate we’ll be here all night Mr. Jacobs

Gabe: No! You’re so full of shit! That was the first time I’ve ever seen that psycho chick in my life! What do you want from me man?

Interviewer 1: For starters Gabe, I would like for you to stop saying such awful things about my daughter

Gabe: Daughter? What the fuck do you mean? That chick was your daughter?

Interviewer 1: You would know wouldn’t you? I mean she ran right up to you Gabe. I hardly believe that to be a coincidence

Gabe: Please man, you have to believe me. I didn’t do anything to your daughter. I’m sorry she’s missing man but I can’t help you find her

Interviewer 1: Do you have any idea what it’s like being a father Gabe?

Gabe: No sir, I guess that I don’t

Interviewer 1: It’s hell Gabe. You spend all of your time, money, blood, sweat, and tears bringing them into this world and what do you get? Betrayal.

Gabe: I’m sorry man, I wish I knew where she was but you’re kind of scaring me

Interviewer 2: It’s not all bad honey, you get to bring new life into this world and watch it grow! I think it’s beautiful

Gabe: Ok you guys are freaking me out. I want to leave now

Interviewer 1: And then there’s you Gabe. So desperate to leave me just like your sister! After all I’ve done for you!

Gabe: You’re crazy! I’m going home right the fuck now let me out of here!

Interviewer 1: You’re not going anywhere Gabe

Gabe: Fuck you! There are laws against this shit! I’m out, fuck you!

*A clicking sound can be heard, followed by screaming and static. Audio resumes after several clicks*

Interviewer 1: Are we ready to cooperate Gabe?

*crying sounds can be heard*

Gabe: *sniff* What the fuck are you man?

Interviewer 1: Simply a concerned father looking for his children Gabe. All I’m doing is bringing them home

Gabe: Just let me go home man. I swear I won’t say a thing to anyone

Interviewer 1: It’s too fucking LATE for that Gabe!

*A slam on a desk can be heard*

Interviewer 1: You can’t leave the house because it’s far past your curfew. You don’t want to make your mother worry now right?

*A loud sigh can be heard*

Interviewer 1: Why must you make your father angry so often? All I wanted to know is what you were doing with your sister last night and why she’s so disobedient now

Gabe: You’re fucking crazy man! I’m not your fucking son and that thing is not my sister! What is wrong with you?

Interviewer 1: I see there still needs to be some adjustments on your dosage, this behavior must be corrected

*clicking sounds fill the room*

Gabe: No please you can’t! I can’t take anymore man fuck!

*Gabe screams as the clicking sound drowns out everything else and then goes to static. Audio returns a moment later*

Interviewer 2: There we go sweetie! You’re looking good!

*A muffled voice can be heard*

Interviewer 2: Don’t try and talk yet honey, your new body is still weak from the medication. You wouldn’t want to rip any of your new limbs would you?

*muffled crying can be heard*

Interviewer 2: There there dear, there’s no need to cry, you’ll get used to it in no time! Look see? Soon you’ll be able to move all around just like your mommy!

*clicking sounds can be heard*

Interviewer 2: Aww! Your first call! Don’t rush it now your new lungs still need to air out. It helps if you stretch out here a little. Here let me help you, it’s easy I promise. Oh-!

*a ripping sound can be heard followed by more muffled screams and crying*

Interviewer 2: Fuck! Honey quick get your kit! Oh no I’m so sorry baby here I’ll get it stitched back on in no time!

*clicking sounds fill the room, the audio is drown out by clicking before turning to static. The audio cuts out for the final time*”

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