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Mr. Physico

A master mind murder, beyond police expectations.

By Ayaan LiaquatPublished about a year ago 3 min read

For years, the town of Millfield had been plagued by a serial killer known only as Mr. Physico. He was a master of his craft, leaving no trace of his presence at the scenes of his crimes. Despite the best efforts of the police, he had never been caught.

The town was in a state of fear, with people locking their doors at night and avoiding going out after dark. Everyone knew that Mr. Physico could strike at any moment.

The police had exhausted every lead, and the case had gone cold. But one day, everything changed.

It was a typical Monday morning when the body of another victim was discovered. She was a young woman named Sarah, with no apparent connection to any of the previous victims. The police were stumped, and it seemed as though Mr. Physico had struck again with impunity.

But then, something unusual happened. As the forensic team combed through the crime scene, they found a small piece of hair caught in the victim's fingernails. It was just a single strand, but it was enough to give them hope.

The hair was sent to the lab for analysis, and it was found to contain a tiny fragment of DNA. It was a long shot, but the detectives were determined to make it count.

Months went by, and the detectives worked tirelessly, going over the evidence and cross-referencing the DNA samples. It seemed like a hopeless task, but then, finally, they got a hit.

The DNA found at the crime scene matched that of a man named John, a local handyman who had been interviewed early in the investigation. He had been dismissed as a suspect at the time, but now the detectives realized they had been wrong.

John was arrested, and he denied all involvement in the murders. He claimed that the DNA must have been planted, that he was being framed. But the evidence was too strong, and the detectives knew they had their man.

Under questioning, John broke down and confessed. He had been killing people for years, driven by a deep-rooted sense of anger and resentment towards the world. He had never been caught because he was meticulous in his planning, leaving no trace of himself at the scenes of his crimes.

The town of Millfield breathed a collective sigh of relief as John was taken away in handcuffs. The nightmare was over, and they could finally sleep soundly at night.

But then, in a shocking twist, When John was moving to detention center out of nowhere he vanishes in thin air managed to escape. He disappeared without a trace, and the fear in Millfield returned.

Rumors started to circulate that John had resumed his killing spree, taking revenge on those who had put him behind bars. People were once again locking their doors at night, and the streets were deserted after dark.

The police were frantic, and they launched a massive manhunt to find John. But he seemed to have vanished into thin air.

As the weeks went by, the fear in Millfield grew more intense. The police were no closer to finding John, and it seemed as though Mr. Physico was back.

Then, one day, a woman was found dead in her home. It was a brutal murder, and the police were sure that John was responsible. But when they examined the crime scene, they found something that didn't fit.

There was a note on the woman's bedside table, written in a different handwriting than John's. It read, "I am Mr. Physico, and I am back."

The police were stunned. It seemed as though there was someone else out there, mimicking John's crimes and taking on his name. But who was this copycat killer, and how were they able to replicate Mr. Physico's methods so perfectly?

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