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Mom killed Susan and Susan told me, I would be next and I am. When mom's done with me, she's going kill you.

Theresa Noir

By Lesedi MolutsiPublished 20 days ago 7 min read

Why does a mother murder her own? It's very hard to understand why someone would kill their children. They're not thinking clearly. A house of horror is ruled by a monster. She said when mom's done with me, she's going kill you. A high-flying mom turn on her family. I think that in that moment she did a monstrous thing. This killer is a collector. I could see the eye and the nose and the mouth, a little baby. These deadly women kill their own flesh and blood, breaking the sacred bond. Terry Walker is a survivor, a woman with a terrifying past. To be honest it was such a far-fetched story that they kind of thought it was made up.

However, no imagination could conjure this shocking truth, or the identity of the killer. She was her mom. Twenty year-old Susan always enters the family home with trepidation. Her younger sisters, Sheila and Terry are on edge. Theresa's personality was Jekyll and Hyde, one minute she could be the most loving person in the world, next minute you were scared. You may die. Theresa Knorr has been abusing her three daughters mentally and physically. She's burned their back with cigarettes, put guns to their head, held knives to their throat, handcuffed and beat them. Theresa spares her two sons. They're encouraged to help the torment. She liked men but she didn't like them at all, she was jealous of her daughters.

She enjoyed controlling them, controlling the house. There was nothing in Coraline, just sheer rage. Today that rage escalates to a place it's never been before. Her Robert was standing behind Susan, holding her back. Susan was fighting to get away and Theresa pulled agun out and shot her. What could drive a mother to shoot her daughter? She was delusional and paranoid. People that are delusional and paranoid should not be raising children. They are dangerous. Theresa's terrifying delusions are symptoms of a mental illness. She's schizophrenic. Schizophrenia is a mental illness that is believed to be some kind of genetic defect, chemical imbalance. People that get treatment can see symptom relief from the delusions but Teresa wasn't getting treatment.

It grew, it festered and it became worse. She believes her daughter's youth and their beauty are destroying her. She thought her daughter Susan had cast a spell on her and that spell was making her gain weight. Theresa thinks a bullet will stop the spell. Teresa felt that Susan was the devil. She would try and tell the other children that she could see horns coming out of Susan's forehead. Susan isn't dead. She's seriously wounded with the bullet lodged in her back. Her mother decides to let her live but no one calls a doctor. They were afraid of her. They were brought up under her violence. They weren't going to go to the authorities.

In the Knorr family a trip to the hospital is out of the question. Susan is left to recuperate in the bath for two weeks. The siblings are part of them, thinking well better her than me. They grow up with this. They really don't understand that this isn't how life is in every household. Incredibly Susan makes a full recovery but she knows she must leave her abusive mother my sister Susan, would literally beg Theresa mom, please just let me go, I'll do whatever you ask, just let me go. Theresa told her that, she did. She let her take the bullet out of her back and she let her go. The price of Susan's freedom will be home surgery, by her mother's hands.

She wanted to remove the bullet that was lodged in her back. She didn't want at some time in the future for this bullet to be discovered, for law enforcement to come back and arrest her. Theresa later on her stomach, pulled blood out of Susan's back. Why in the world Suzanne agree to that is beyond me. However, it does speak to the complete domination and control through fear, that those children had of their mother. That promise of getting away was worth it. Instead of gaining freedom Susan becomes gravely ill, sliding into a coma as her body fights infection from the kitchen surgery. What comes next will be almost relief. Gas lighting a match in Sacramento California, Theresa Knorr makes her sons built a funeral pyre.

Driven by schizophrenic delusions, she has already shot her daughter then cut the bullet out. Now, she wants to burn her body. Theresa thought that my sister had actually died when she pulled the bullet out of her and that her body had been possessed by some evil spirit, or a demon. In order for her to purge that evil spirit out of Susan's body. Susan’s body had to be burped all of her possessions. She had to be burned in order to free her soul. However, Susan isn't dead. She's in a coma. Her mother is burning her alive. With Susan gone, Teresa turns to her next eldest daughter, Sheila. She would force-feed her. If Sheila wouldn't eat it all.

She would get so sick from being force-fed. Theresa would make her eat that food with the vomit in it. Crazed by violent delusions, Theresa thinks her daughters are making her ugly. Theresa's very existence as a woman was threatened by the presence of her daughters. She believed they were hurting her, that their youth, their beauty was actually hurting her. Theresa’s youngest daughter, Terry is forced to witness each brutal act. In the height of summer, Theresa locks Sheila in a closet without food or water for over a week. She kept saying she was crawling towards the light. She was going to crawl towards life. Theresa left the house. I don't know exactly how long she was gone.

It wasn't very long at all and she Terry there. Terry tried to get her sister, Sheila a beer. Sheila didn't want that, she wanted some water. Before I could get back to her with the water, Theresa mother was pulling up. So, Terry had to leave Sheila there. Beaten and bound, Sheila dies at just 20. Before she passes, she warns her little sister. She told Terry, mom killed Susan and Susan told me, I would be next and I am. When mom's done with me, she's gonna kill you. Terry finally decides to leave. She runs to authorities but her story is so grotesque no one believes her. She told police officials she had told a lawyer, who went to the police in Sacramento.

Nobody believed her so she was starting to doubt herself. Someone began putting the pieces together. Detective John Fitzgerald has two unsolved murder cases that seemed to confirm Terry's story. One involved a young lady that was located along the highway. She was on fire at the time. The other case involved a young lady that approximately one year later was discovered about five miles away at the edge of a small lake. She had been placed in a box. John Fitzgerald is Terry’s personal hero. He is the detective that kept the case open. He is the detective that ultimately came to her house and listened to her. Terry told the detective that the two ladies who were killed in their area were her older sisters.

She informed the detective that her mother was responsible for these two killings. The detective felt that this was valid information. She told him some things about these two crimes, that that nobody would know, unless they had some very close connections to them. We obtained arrest warrants for the mother Teresa and for the two sons William and Robert. Robert is given three years jail. William is placed on probation. Theresa pleads guilty to both murders. Her mental state doesn't alleviate her punishment. She's currently serving consecutive life sentences. Did Teresa love her children? At time one time, she probably did. However, far more powerful than any love, she might have ever felt for her daughter's, was the delusion that developed that her daughters were a threat to her.

Terry nor serves her own life sentence still affected by the horrors of her childhood. and torn by the love that every daughter feels for their mother. There's nothing Theresa could ever tell Terry, that would ever make Terry understand, why she did what she did. However, she forgive her. She does love her, she always has. She's her mother, that's it.

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