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Meenakshi, a teacher who was raped and killed, 2 people were arrested-jewelry, moped recovered!

School Teacher Killed by life prisoner

By GowshikPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Trichy: There has been a major twist in the case of the bathing teacher Meenakshi. The CBCID police have said that she was raped and murdered. The police have also arrested 2 people in this connection. Meenakshi, a teacher from Kulithalai in Karur district, went missing in October 2004.

This case created a lot of excitement in Tamil Nadu. In connection with this case, former AIADMK MLA. The police interrogated many people including Papa Sundaram, his son Karunakaran. Investigation yielded no leads. In this case CBCID is investigating.

A bone nest found in a banana grove near Panikampatti was of great help to the police who were investigating from a new angle.

Her relatives including her husband identified that the cloth, mat, necklace etc. on the skeleton belonged to Meenakshi.

After this, the police has accelerated the investigation. DSP A police force headed by Bhavaneshwari interrogated various persons. According to the major twist in this investigation.

The police have arrested two persons named Shanmugavel and Kumar for murdering the teacher Meenakshi and robbing the jewels. Shanmugavel hails from Kulitlaibharathi town. Kumar hails from Marudur Adi Dravidar.

Shanmugavel is coming from Kuluthlai. However, his father-in-law's house is near to teacher Meenakshi's house. Due to this, he used to come to his father-in-law's house often.

Every time it comes, the teacher has to see Meenakshi. Seeing her going to school and going out wearing more jewelry, he decided to steal them.

After that, along with his friend Kumar, they hatched a plan and ambushed Meenakshi, took her to a banana grove, raped her, killed her and buried her.

In this regard, in the statement given by Shanmugavelu to the police, Kumar and I have been friends for many years. We used to go to construction work, sell liquor etc. We can't help but drink everyday.

We needed more money. So we were wondering what we could do for the money. Teacher Meenakshi's house is near my mother-in-law's house.

He wears heavy jewelry every day and goes to school on a motorcycle. Then we made a plan to rob the Meenakshi's jewels.

We thought where to execute this project. After Meenakshi goes to school, Rajendran walks home through the banana grove at 5 pm every day. There will be no traffic in the evening.

So we decided that it was the right place to carry out our project. Thus on October 19, 2004, I was standing on the road in Rajendran banana grove combing coconut bat leaves.

My friend Kumar was standing at a distance to see if Meenakshi was coming. Then I heard the sound of Meenakshi coming on the motorcycle. Immediately Kumar signaled me.

As soon as Meenakshi's motorcycle came near me, I threw the coconut bat that I was combing on the motorcycle as if to miss it and Meenakshi stumbled and fell into the mess.

Immediately we put the saree on Meenakshi's mouth and dragged her into the grove. When we went into the banana grove, we took off the jewellery, bangles and bracelets that Meenakshi was wearing.

He objected to this. We grabbed the neck and strangled it. He couldn't resist after that. When he thought he could leave after removing all the jewelry, Kumar saw Meenakshi's beauty and wanted to enjoy her.

Then Kumar raped Meenakshi in the banana grove. he screamed. But in the altercation, he fainted. Even after that we decided to kill Meenakshi as we would be trapped if we left her like that.

I took the knife kept by Siva and cut Meenakshi's throat. Then we dug a hole there and buried Meenakshi's body. We put grass and leaves in the burial place so that it would not be known outside.

We brought the motorcycle and put it in a 7 feet pit in the garden. Because there was water in that pit, it was not visible outside. We put soil in it and covered it. We sold some jewelery in shops and drank wine.

We melted some jewelry and made another jewelry and gave it to our wife. The police did not suspect us in the Meenakshi case. Suspicious of others, we wandered around the town in peace.

In this situation, we were afraid that Meenakshi's body would be found. Thus we closely monitored the actions of the police. The police got suspicious and arrested us.

He confessed. Similarly, Kumar has also given a statement.

Both Kumar and Shanmugavel, who were arrested, were taken by the police to the spot where the bone nest was found and asked to act out how they committed the crime.

Both acted accordingly. Kumar's father is AIADMK councilor of Ward 6 of Marudhur Town Panchayat.

On the information given by both of them, the police recovered the stolen jewelery and the buried moped. The police are planning to produce both of them in court today.


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