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Many happy returns

Soul Replenished

By Rajashree DPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Rest in peace

One night in 1983, a business man Samuel Thomas was returning home by his car. He stopped his vehicle and started honking in front of his palatial house. In spite of continuous honking up to 2 , 3 times no one answered back, So he got off the vehicle and started walking towards the gate, when suddenly 3 to 4 strangers with guns appeared suddenly and attacked him. He was shot on the head and died immediately.

Meanwhile in a nearby village lived a poor family with two children. When their second son Tony started talking he introduced himself as Samuel Thomas to his family and that he was born in a rich family with lots of money and property. The boy mentioned the names of the family members and their relation with him. He told that he was murdered and was reborn as Tony to seek vengeance. He mentioned the nature of business that he was doing and gave the address of the Radio shop that he owned. The poor family thought that the boy was blabbering and ignored him initially, but one day six year old Tony stuffed his tiny clothes and tried to run away from the house. It was then that his poor father decided to take the boy to the specified city and place as described by the boy.

On reaching the shop the boy started addressing an old man as father. He hugged him to his heart's content, upon consoling he started identifying the family members narrating his relationship and moments that he shared with them. He also revealed some of the private family secrets known only to them to gain their trust and faith in him.

Samuel Thomas's family was more than happy to know that their deceased family member was reborn as Tony and now they could seek justice for him. Now they supported the little boy and reopened the murder case that was closed due to lack of evidence.

By now public and media got involved in this mysterious case of rebirth reconciliation of Samuel Thomas Vs Tony who was the rarest of the rare witness of his own brutal murder by his trustworthy business partners. The accused panicked and started making stories that the rebirth story was not true because Tony was born one year before Samuel's death and that Samuel and Tony were not same. The way Tony narrated the incident that occurred on the murder night with each and every minute detail put the Judge in jeopardy where he sought the help of few expert researchers to provide justice to the soul of Samuel Thomas as the case was reopened for the second time providing evidence.

It was a very revolutionary judgement as the court did not believe in mere fairy tales. The entire rebirth tale was proven fake by the guilty as the boy was born in 1982 i.e. one year before the incident. Then researchers called this rare case as replacement reincarnation.

Replacement reincarnation means a situation were a dead soul enters the body of the living and replaces it. In other words a living body is now ruled by a different soul. The body does not realize that it has been possessed by new owner and it is with soul that it has to live forever.

This changed the shape of the case. Researchers also identified two birthmarks at the back of Tony’s head which explains the fact that the Tony’s soul would have left the body through this way making way to Samuel's soul to enter.

The boy narrated and identified the partners who had shot him to death. He also explained the losses in business that had occurred due to the partners negligence leading to disharmony and misunderstandings among them.

The court was shocked and verdict was made punishing all the guilty to life imprisonment with penalty. The court couldn't believe that a dead soul would cross all its limits by entering a new body, convincing everybody who it was , waiting patiently for six long years for the right time to finally seek avengement.

The court declared this revolutionary case as unique reincarnation sought to seek revenge by the victim. The case was closed successfully to the joy of the victim and the victim's family members.

May the soul rest in peace !!!


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