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Jealousy Can Turn Deadly

Deadly Woman: Jean Sinclair let jealousy turn to murder after her partner found a new love in her life.

By Kerrie G.DiazPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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In 1956 Jean Sinclair was the owner of a nursing home and they called her the king. She usually always got what she wanted, was that because she dressed like a man and men back in those days did rank over women.

She had a thing for the nursing home beautician, LaRae Peterson. Their relationship had to be kept quiet because back in the 50s, her business would have gone under if they found out about their relationship. They dated for 6 years, with Jean having to help LaRae out financially many times.

After 6 years though, LaRae decided she wanted to date men again. When Jean found out that she was dating someone else she tried everything she could at first to get LaRae back. However, LaRae’s new boyfriend Don was everything she was looking for. Before long the pair got engaged.

This enraged Jean and made her go a bit nuts. At first, she tried everything she could to break the two up. When that didn’t work she called up the two and asked them both to come out for a drink with her. Was she ready to let the two be together? Was she going to show them she was ok with their relationship by taking them out for a drink? Well, the couple had plans to go out to a movie already. So they declined. Jean knew where they would be so she decided to show up at the movie theater and meet the couple.

What the couple did not see was the double-barrel shotgun Jean had. She shot Don. All that jealousy and rage had built up and drove Jean to murder her lovers fiance. LaRae was terrified thinking Jean was going to shoot her next. She did not. Jean was thinking after getting rid of her competition she would be able to get back with LaRae.

When a person has a mental condition, this is how their brain works. They actually think that their lover or ex will take them back after harming the one they love. They really think that getting rid of the competiton will get them what they desire. They are usually in for a rude awakening because of course the lover does not want anything to do with them. By the time all is said and done, the ex or lover is afraid of them and what they would do next.

In 1963, Jean was convicted of first-degree murder and received Life in prison. She was only able to spend 10 years in prison because at the age of 56 Jean Sinclair died of a stroke in prison.

Would have been nice if she had spent more time for her crime. Death can always be a nice sentence and at least she will never be able to fall in love and do this to any other woman again. Even in prison she could have done the same thing and what would she care if she got jealous and murdered another inmate? She already had life in prison.

Sometimes I wish more could be done to people with serious crimes. Not physical punishment because that would do the same as a prison to some. More of a reform or therapy for the ones that will actually get to be out before they die. Like a serious type of therapy and if they do not seem to be better then they do not leave. Just my opinion and I know this is something that can not work for everyone. I do know some are far beyond hope.

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